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Having trouble with meditation

Prosperous Guardian

17-06-2006 12:26:35

Hi I'm Edd and I have been practicing meditation, but I feel like I am having trouble becuase I have bad headaches and I think maybe this will help me with that but the meditations I practice never seem to aleve this. I have become addicted to excecrin and I'm desperate to find a way out and I know this will work but I feel I don't have the right technique, granted I don't have any of Waynes books that are specifically about meditation but I would very much like to get one, so I probably will. Until then, can anyone give good tips?

SG in TN

27-06-2006 09:42:11

Hi Edd,
Last summer I had a severe headache almost everyday. I don't even like to talk about them for fear that I will bring one on. It doesn't matter how great your life may be....if you have a headache it can destroy it all.
I found out that a lot of the over the counter meds. that I was taking actually were causing "rebound headaches"
The big change came when I started going to a chiropracter. It wasn't over night but they did finally subside. Also, I found out that my blood pressure had gone pretty high...(maybe a side effect of the meds.) Not wanting to take meds. for that I found some natural herbs to bring down the high blood pressure...Which I now know was also adding to the headaches. Check into everything. Don't give up something will work and the meditating will be great for you.
Good luck,


18-09-2006 17:11:30

Please get a copy of "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue. You won't be sorry. It's not a non-medicinal, non-manipulative (chiro, massage) method of curing pain. It's a quick fix, though so be prepared to take responsibility for your own healing.


09-10-2006 19:45:59

Hi Edd,
I hope you've found some help with the headaches. I know meditation helps some but when you're really in pain, I found that it hard to concentrate. I'm part of another website forum that uses meditations. In fact it was created just for that purpose. They just uploaded a new one that is called Cerebral Serenity. It reduces activity in the brain and relaxes the listener and helps with most headaches. They are having a special right now where you can listen to these without paying for a membership. (You will not be able to download them however unless you buy a membership.) At least this way you can find out without spending any money. I don't know how long they will be doing that however. Here is a link through my website to get to it.


Good luck and let me know if it helps. I really like the creativity and super learning sections as well.

Be well my friend,



14-10-2006 09:42:54

Great meeting you in the Dyer room. I am just registering today and like yourself have always found Wayne's writing supportive and user friendly.
Over the years I have tried different forms of meditation - some gave me headaches -
The past couple of years I am using Jon Kabat Zinn's Mindfulness Meditation and find that process to be softer, gentler over time relaxaing.

I was told to keep trying different techniques until I found something that worked. What is the alternative? Watching the news????