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I Too Am Trying to Learn Meditation


24-05-2006 22:33:56

Thank you all for your suggestions on how to meditate. I too have been trying, but find I usually fall asleep. It has been 1 year this month since the death of my 54 year old husband of 34 years. It's been hard, but I think I am learning a lot about myself and life. For the first time I am really turning to God for guidance. With all the stresses of widowhood, I would really like to meditate and just let everything go momentarily. There is some helpful information here, which I will try, guess no lying down!!
I read Wayne Dyer's book - Inspiration and was truly inspired. There is so much to learn out there, unfortunately a lot of it cost money and as a widow the funds are a little short, so I'll be looking through this site for some help. I'm glad I found this.



25-05-2006 10:17:48

As Dr. Dyer says,
"Remember, your natural state is JOY! Say the following as much as necessary, "I come from peace and joy. I must stay in harmony with that from which I came in order to fulfill my dreams and desires! I choose to stay in my natural state. Anytime I'm anxious, stressed out, depressed or fearful, I've abandonded my natural state""
What we think, we manifest. so be careful of your thoughts! D


25-05-2006 20:32:30

Thank you Jed. I am really trying to do just that, as hard as it is. Reading that book has really opened my eyes to a lot of things, I'm so glad I read it. I plan on giving it to my son this weekend, as he's having a tough time with life right now and is missing his dad terribly. I just hope this will give him some knowledge and drive to strive for good days every day.