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Meditation timings


21-12-2005 17:11:36

Question What significance do the timings have? If I feel like doing the ohm meditation for gratitude and serenity during the day, does it really make any difference?



22-12-2005 05:45:57

Hi, I'm not exactly sure if there is a difference or not. Wayne says you should do the Ah Meditation at Daylight. I didn't follow that rule all the time and sometimes I think I manifested things. I go to bed and wake up at certain and different times, so I don't know. Maybe you do get maximum effectiveness if you do it at daylight or right before you go to bed, I'm not sure. What has been your experiences with this?




22-12-2005 07:50:23


I surely meditate in the morning and whenever I feel like during the rest of the day. Obviously it feels good and I "KNOW" that I have manifested my desire, which is yet to appear in form.

Do you have anything, anything at all, by Dr. Dyer to give to me?



26-12-2005 21:03:10

Hi, have you purchased the Tape or CD set called "The Secrets to Manifesting your Destiny?" Check it out. Or maybe you can download it off of Morpheus or another file sharing.

Check it out.