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Women inferior to men?


19-12-2005 23:35:10

I didn't know where to post this question so I am putting it here. I have a very strong belief that men are much more superior to women. But it is really bugging to see that nature can be so unfair. So I guess that my stand must be wrong somehow and women must be having some very strong latent powers. Can anyone please convince me of the error in my observation that women are inferior? I'd love to be proved wrong.



31-01-2006 09:00:23

Literally kavish...the proof is in the pudding...but basically there is no inferiority or superiority between the sexes as both have their strengths and weaknesses.

You're probably thinking men are superior in terms of brute strength, something that can be proven and 'seen' physically. But then again, women athletes have proved themselves up to the mark when competing against men in athletics, soccer and other sporting activities.

Women, for example can outlast men anytime because they have higher endurance levels and can really go the distance. Giving birth is also no mean feat my friend as it takes great strength and determination to get that baby out! D

Plus latest studies show that women outlive men. Women are also 'stronger' emotionally because we learn how to express ourselves and not suppress.

But really, it's yin and yang. Both sides of the same coin. We should appreciate the beauty in each sex, accept them and move on. We shouldn't stereotype the genders. Lord knows how much suffering has been brought about because of such thoughts, especially for women. One can't do without the other as we're all human.

Speaking from personal experience though, after meditating or just living my life in the present, here and now, there are very few times in a day or even the week where I go 'OMG! I'm a woman and because I'm one, I have to wear lipstick, speak gently, bat my eyelids in front of a guy, wear short skirts etc etc' NO WAYYYYY!...LOL! In fact, most times, I skip even being a gender...I love it when I'm with my inner stillness and just BEING....Just totally gender-less. I'm not conscious whether I'm a woman or not. Most times, I don't really think about it or even care...LOL! Just be cool with Who You intrinsically Are as a soul and you won't go far wrong. In fact, as a woman, I think I break quite a few stereotypes. I hardly wear skirts, I don't flirt and bat my eyelids, I hate looking all dolled up all the time, I work in film/TV so most times I'm out there with the crew, helping them carry big cameras, set up lights and break them down and direct and produce projects, I have a loud laugh and I can be pretty darn right honest (OK, blunt) only when I need to be and I always wear sporty clothes coz I do enjoy soccer to death and Dad and I spend time kicking around a football every once in a while. I ENJOY watching soccer on TV and I enjoy repairing machines and cleaning my family car too. I know some about cars even so does that make me a macho male? Nah! Coz I can cook a mean meal every once in awhile, go shopping with 'da gals' and use a sewing machine to make minor alterations on my clothes. I'd say I'm a pretty handy person....D

Each to his own, man or woman, just ensure you bring out the strengths in each of you and live your live in the very highest of consciousness you know yourselves to be right now at this moment because in this moment of NOW, I *see* all of you as perfect as you are! -) ) 8) 8) D

chris knight

01-02-2006 19:36:24

I have a very strong belief that men are much more superior to women.

I know you are a young warrior, but you will find that your belief will not serve you well into adulthood.

...at least if you set foot on U.S. soil. 8)

There is no debate on this belief BTW, because it's too broad of a stroke to paint the reality... the reality being that we are all superior at something.

Show respect towards women, and tell your male friends to do the same. This is what leadership is about, even in the face of scrutiny or going against social norms.

Each generation moves more towards a knowing that one is not superior than the other and that we each have a role to play.

...hope this helps.

Servant of God

07-02-2006 08:31:57

Hi,I just wanted to say that I have read many metaphysics books and healing books.The best ones I read were written by Woman.Their power is immense.I also personal think they rule the world.Men just have the illusion that they do. lol Just ask Bill and Hillary Clinton. lol


22-02-2006 19:14:22

Dear Kavishaggarwala,

I support most of Jellyfarms comments. The only other thing i'd say here is to appreciate the differences between men and women... There are some traits that women have that men love, and some traits that men have that women love... there's nothing wrong with being what you are as long as you do NOT feel inferior to anyone. I for one, love when a women flirts, bat their eyes, wears lip gloss and acts like a women... that's why i love them. I don't want women to act like men, just like some women do not want their men to act like women. That does not mean we allow inequality amongst the gender, it only means to embrace the differences.

p.s. i love the way women smell also, their voice, their attention to things that I as a man, do not think of...

Live it up and embrace your womanhood and don't worry about men being superior - because they are not... only be concerned with anyone men or women who is stopping you from being you!



09-08-2006 19:31:08

my dear boy , as a 34 year old woman and a principal of a very large school let me tell you I am not inferioir to my husband. This is a huge statement to say at your age. It is right that you don't feel right about this ...your body tell you this. Genetically women are more advanced , they have to be as the mutations to our species has to happen in women..childbearing etc. But you are thinking about this in the wrong way. Men and women are not the same they are just difficult. I also have to say as an indian living in the uk i know the cullture you live in. Women are not given the ops that men have. If you see girls and boys your age in the uk I'm sorry to say girls are outperforming boys . Even in uni's girls come out with better degrees . Its a bid problem here. You live in a culture where there is no level playing field. If you lived in a fairer society you would not see the inferiority of women because it is not true. We are different....thats it! I don't want to sound like an old women but you need to live more...if you have this attitude you will never find that special partner we all crave. A successful relationship is based when two partners are equal and celebrate their difference.