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I Wish Wayne could make a Plain Meditation for Manifest CD.


18-12-2005 18:26:17

Hi, I wish Wayne could just make a plain Meditation for Manifesting CD that just had maybe a 20 minutes, a 30 minute or an hour of him just meditatiing and doing the "Ah" and the "Ohm" Meditating for Manifesting that maybe just offered him reminding us to "Open up the third eye" or "Just concentrate on the essence of what you're trying to manifest" or just little suggestions like that while your meditating along with him on the CD. For me, the problem with the "Meditations for Manifesting" CD is that this is not a pure Meditating CD. For around half of the CD it is when he's doing the "Ah" meditations. Then he begins to also say affirmations between the chanting which kind breaks the momentum of the meditating. I wish he could make a CD that just offered the Meditating of "Ah" and "Ohm" with little suggestions throughout the CD to help us concentrate on the Meditating, not offer the suggestions. I know he says to turn off the CD if the affirmations get in the way, but I wish he could make a CD that did not have th affirmations on it.
On his "The Secret's the Manifesting Your Destiny" he has around a 10 minute "Ah" meditation on it on Tape or CD 6. It's pretty good while he offers reminders for us to focus on the "third eye." But it's a little too short of around 10 minutes, not the full 20 minutes or longer. I wish or hope in the future he decides to make more of a pure Meditating for Manifesting CD.



Fair Raven

29-04-2006 15:21:26

I love waynes meditions for manifesting cd ) I like the affirmations. They sink in more when my mind is free. I can see how the can be a bit distracting though. I tried doing the meditations without the cd and I get distracted and start thinking about other things... like wondering when my 20 minutes is up. I'd encourage anyone that hasn't tried the aaa /omm meditation to try it. It really helps me free up my mind from focusing on trivial negativity and feel peace.


30-04-2006 08:22:04

That's an excellent idea. Perhaps Wayne will get wind of this somehow and make this a reality.