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It's been a trying year for my meditating.


17-12-2005 08:53:59

Hi, it's been a trying year for my meditating. Last year in terms of my mediating, 2004, I felt I saw progress through the Ah and Ohm meditations I did, which I started last year. I saw things that may have been coincidences, but they were very interesting. This year, I started off good. Then, maybe I got cocky or something went wrong, because I had this confidence that I could manifest anything at any time I wanted to since I had seemed to manifest something in January that I had been having trouble accomplishing, so I was pretty confident I could just meditate and than this would appear like that. But I think I took some time off and tried something new, I think that's what happened. But I always felt that I could meditate and manifest things. But when I tried earlier this year, all of a sudden I couldn't seem to manifest what I wanted. I did the meditations for 15 days, but nothing. Then when nothing happened, I lost confidence and tried other techniques especially listening to Hayhouseradio.com and learning and trying new things out. I guess I started to lose confidence in my ability to manifest things. Finally, I'm trying to manifest something and overcome a hurdle right now. I know it may take more than 15 days to accomplish, but I've got to try and be consistent and meditate and get in contact with The Creator, God. I'm doing it now, and I hope to tell you how it turns out. I pray all will turn out good and happy.

Anyway, take care.