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15-10-2005 06:45:21

Oh my friends life is glorious, the world of Earthly man and the World of GOD....I feel so overwhelmed with PURE love that all Earthly ill's wash away from my body, soul and mind. Your path is unique, and in it you shall find glorious tools to accept and embrace fear, embrace and love evil, without evil how can you reconize the good? Infinate patience is one of the main tools that applies to all unique paths I know it, Live that concept and imense rewards shall be bestowed on you...Find the good in everything... Right now in this Earthly vessel I am trembing, in this moment of linear time on this Earthly plan I am living, feeling so much fearless joy, NEVER give up, never faulter. Namaste

(P.S. No forgein substance or drug of any was used to achieve, I used only the natural tools and thoughts I have in meditation and also music...Ravi Shankar.... P )