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Tools of the trade, per say


14-10-2005 10:30:28

I haven't posted anything here in a awhile, buts its super that life brought me back, this place is a great example of how the internet is a great thing....anywho on with what I was going to post...... Within the last 63 days I have tried marijuana (20 days out of those, sometimes extremly small amounts in that day time frame) I went into using it with the mindset that it was a tool... to step back from my thoughts and rise above the chatter, or below the rough wavey ocean... what have you. The other day I was meditating and using marijuana at the same time (1st time I tried them in conjunction) I achieved a state of euphoria that was so awe inspiring that it made me cry.... good tears though ) ..... but in that moment that moment of living in the PURE NOW, I reliezed that no Earthly substance is truly necessary.... I had that idea in thoughts b4 hand but it only crystalized in that moment... I thought of this later on....The gateway or mechanism between the World of Earthly man and the World of GOD, Brahman, what have you lyes withing your internal thoughts and emotions, no Earthly substance can truly help you enter the World of GOD.....I think the only thing you can trully achieve when using drugs is a mere taste of GOD or Source. In that time of meditating I had a overwhelming feeling that I needed more time in the world of Earthly man, and so I embrace that wholeheartly now and whatever comes my way I have the tools to find the good in all )