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meditations for manifesting: who is the "me" ?


13-10-2005 09:58:20

In the nighttime meditation section of the cd, one of the affirmations for realizing God goes something like "If your obedience to me is as spontaneous and natural..."

Who is the "me' in this equation? Maynard Baba? Dyer? Somebody else?

I find it kind of odd that the meditations suddenly shift to this "me" personna. I would appreciate anyone who can shed some light on this.


05-11-2005 08:05:11

That's interesting.

I'm studying the philosophy of Advaita. After having read and listened to all of Wayne's stuff over the past decade, Advaita's teaching that there is no separate "ME" seems to conflict with some of Wayne's meditation teachings of how to get what "you" want. Seems ego-ic.

Sometimes what "you" want and what "God" wants are not the same thing! As the Rolling Stones say, "but if you try sometimes, you get what you need."

Acceptance of "what is".....is the best prayer for me right now....and if I have a desire or will to change something about my life, if it is within my control, then I can go for it, dream it, put it into action, check the progress, adjust as necessary, and let go of the outcome.....


05-11-2005 09:23:07

Thanks for the reply although, I am looking for an answer more specific to the question of why there is a shift in the "Ways of Knowing God" affirmations and who specifically the "me" is.

As for Advaita the idea of no seperate 'ME' seems to conflict with my credit card's philosophy whenever they send me a bill.


14-12-2005 13:11:50


I would really love to help you out. But I don't have any knowledge of the tape. Could you pleeeeeez send it to me as an attachment at kavish.aggarwala@rediffmail.com