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How long (days) do you have to meditate?


12-10-2005 14:33:40

hi all,

so like a lot of people, i've read Wayne's "Manifest Your Destiny" book. i forgot where but i thought he mentioned to practice meditating for a month or so? ..i was just wondering if that's really necessary. for example, if you're meditating on what it is you want, and you already FEEL it's there, is it necessary to continue meditating on it every day? isn't it sufficient enough to just KNOW it exists and let it happen when it happens?



02-01-2006 12:39:49

Hi Jaqlin

I heard Dr. Dyer's advising you to use the meditations for 90 days on his Manifest Your Destiny audios. also i think its better if you do keep meditating even after you "know", as it reinforces and deepens your knowing.