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Meditation for catching up on sleep

Matt Jones

04-10-2005 14:32:04


I saw Wayne Dyer in London a few weeks ago and he talked about being up between the hours of 3 and 4 am as there are answers waiting for you in being outdoors at this time. He then talked about a meditation technique you can use that after doing it makes you feel as rested as if you had many hours sleep. Does anyone on here know this technique? Many thanks, Matt.


14-10-2005 10:35:44

If you change your train of thought to something of, that you "know" you truly know that a meditation session will enduce the equivalent of a nights sleep then by all means life will fufill that knowing with whatever you need......INFINATE PATIENCE remember this though

Matt Jones

24-10-2005 11:35:15

Thanks for the reply, good stuff. Matt.

Fair Raven

29-04-2006 15:25:43

Anyone tried getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning yet? I've done it a couple of times.. to write.. But then back to bed. I am curious as to what would result if I did it every morning.. I think that it would show a serious committment to make changes in your life.


30-04-2006 08:19:25

I always wanted to wake up at 400 AM on a daily basis, but thus far I have only done it sporadically. I think that it would have a very powerful effect on my life if I was able to make this commitment.


04-05-2006 17:30:12

Going to bed as late as 4am in the morning used to work (for writing). As for waking up at that time, I've never tried it. I'm not very good in the mornings after sleeping. I am better before sleeping at all.

We have to respect our own cycles and no one knows our bodies rythms better than ourselves. I do agree that the mornings bring a lot of answers/inspiration.