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Strange sensation


13-08-2005 08:59:54


When I have sucessful meditations [when I can really calm my mind] I get a very strange sensation through-out my body.

I start to feel like I am flotaing ten feet above the bed [I lie down to meditate] and I feel surging waves flowing through me. The feeling can be very intense.

Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced it?

Thanks for you input.


14-08-2005 11:20:47

Yo Gregor my man! If you're levitating, just what are you on? Nah just kidding! lol

But seriously, don't worry. You're on track (if there's even this thing called being on track in meditation!)

I usually don't levitate wink (well, not yet...I'll let you guys know when I do though!) but definitely I have waves of joy overcoming me. I feel calm and very relazed and I usually have this feeling that I don't want to come back down, know what I mean? You just want to stay in that mode all the time.

And now back to bodies in motion 101...Chapter 3 - Floating and Levitation
D P lol


16-08-2005 08:23:02

Great thanks for the reply Jellyfarm.

Let me in on a tip; what are your best how-to resources for meditating?

Cheers mate.


16-08-2005 21:10:24

Hi there!

Basically, I don't have this one particular how-to method but there's a number of books that can get you on the road to that. One of course being Wayne's How to Manifest your Destiny book. The other is a book called "unconditional Love" by this spiritual couple called Ed & Deb Shapiro. In this book, they share methods of practising unconditional love through deep breathing exercises which is basically what meditation is.

Now some books will tell you to concentrate on the third eye (on your forehead) but that never worked for me. It just gave me an awful headache lol Eventually after a year or two of trying that, I gave up.

Later, through friends, I decided to try meditating by letting go. Truly relaxing. Meaning that I didn't put pressure on myself to find a third eye, or expect a bright light or a fourth leg...you get the picture! D I just relaxed, let my thoughts drift out until I managed to keep still for a few seconds with no thoughts. These became longer and longer lapses into 'nothing-ness' which then allowed me to discover the silent, unaffected part of my being. The being that had nothing but stillness and silence. In fact, it was 'nothing'. Learning to recognize that part of me was a start. When the nothingness was recognized, it began 'making space' for joy. I even started 'seeing' my angels and these angels were such a delight to my mind's eye. THAT'S when I discovered the 3rd eye. When the channel opens, you begin to hear and even feel a comforting voice and love. A positive thought of sheer acceptance and love of Who You Are. That's when I start radiating...haha! )

That's how I did it. Do let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck mate!

Matt Jones

05-10-2005 11:20:09

what are your best how-to resources for meditating?

Hi there,

Just to add my own technique, i find that i have gone through many different ways of trying to access 'the gap' and what I am doing more in my meditations at the moment is surrendering. I surrender to the belief that everything in my life is as it should be and is as is because the universe is as is. I find that this idea of surrendering really silences the mind as going beyond the need for change seems to put you right into that field of non-change that is spirit. Matt.


05-10-2005 19:29:31

Thanks Matt


12-10-2005 14:29:50

hi there!

just want to add that i sorta feel the same way too. ..like a light, floating, buzzing sensation.. its almost like that feeling u get if you're suddenly woken up from sleeping and u need a minute to become fully awake. D


14-10-2005 10:57:39

You're on track

You're on your own unique track, your own personal path back to source, the lord, god, ra, brahman, a collection of pure energy whatever you want to call it D your on a path back to yourself....b/c if GOD in its many names is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent etc then it must be in you, IT must be you and everyone is GOD, every person on this Earthly plan is GOD


16-12-2005 19:25:15

I am amazed to find your post. I have had the intense wave sensations twice. Never the floating although I am looking foward to that as well. What ruins it for me is my anticipation for it to happen again. It seems that it only happens when I don't expect it. Both times I could not sleep afterwards because I had so much energy, but I didn't care. I was feeing great even the next day. I wonder how I can feel that way everyday, or is that just impossible. Have you had more experiences since your last post.