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Free Ascension Meditation Intro in Los Angeles!!!!


12-08-2005 22:28:20

There is a intro to the Ishayas Ascension. It is at the Bodhi Tree book store on Melrose ave in West Hollywood. It is going be on Tuesday the 16th from 730-900.
If you live in L.A. please come and join us. Its free!

Kindest Regards,


Meditation Technique

Your heart has led you to search, and to keep on searching,
for that one thing that will transform your life. Trust your heart,
listen... The search is over.
In as few as twenty minutes with the eyes closed,
the Ishaya Techniques allows the body to reach a level of rest that is
about twice as deep as the deepest sleep. This allows the body?s
natural healing tendencies to activate, permanently clearing the
nervous system of stress and limiting beliefs.
Why is the Ishayas' Ascension so incredibly effective?
Because the techniques are based on the fundamental principles
of Praise, Gratitude and Love those "ascending", positive,
Inspirational emotions that science and medicine finally recognize
as essential to our mental and physical wellness. The Ishayas
Ascension?s easy-to-use meditation techniques can be used with
eyes open or eyes closed, enabling your mind to move inward and
bring it to its natural state of peace, harmony and coherence even
in the midst of stressful situations!
Find out how the Ishaya techniques give you the experience of living
with gratitude and love as portrayed in the film,
"What the Bleep do we know?" and the co-relation between the
Ishaya techniques and the power of thoughts as depicted in the
book, "The Hidden Messages in Water" written by Dr. Emoto.
For a free Introductory CD of for more information on upcoming
Introductory Talks and Course, please call ISA California at
(402)630-3564 or e-mail us at california@ishaya.org for more info www.ishaya.org