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emotional meditation


14-07-2005 14:55:45

i have just recently started meditating on the Lord's prayer. about 1/2 way through the meditation i usually start crying and feel overwhelmed with emtion and can barely get the ahhh - usually i can finish the meditation (in tears) if i am deliberate about it, but if i become sidetracked and start thinking about how i feel, i usually start sobbing;
i don't understand this...
if anyone has insight, i would appreciate it..

Matt Jones

05-10-2005 11:56:27

I know that meditation releases emotions that we have inside of ourselves as part of its effect of restoring wholeness and so sometimes in meditation it is common to have this release of emotion. But it is a good thing and should just be a temporary phase of transition that you are experiencing. Hope this helps a bit, also try sending your question to Deepak Chopra as he answers questions on the chopra center board at www.chopra.com