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Great Easy Meditation


06-07-2005 17:14:44

Hello Everyone,

Here is a meditation that I learned a while back. It's called the Ishayas Ascension.
It is just amazing. It makes it so easy to get to that place. Just saying the phrases you learn called "Ascension Attitudes" will sync your right and left sides of your brain. Then you will go into a deep restfull meditation and it is there where you will dissolve the stress in your nervous system.
It can be practiced with eyes open or closed. Closed eyed is where you meditate. Open eyed is great to keep you centered at all times.

When practicing the Ishaya Techniques with the eyes closed, the body enters into a state of rest twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night. During sleep, the body takes 6 hours in order to enter into its deepest level of rest. But after just 20 minutes of practice, the Ishaya techniques bring the body into a level twice as deep as the deepest rest of sleep.

Any doctor knows that rest is what the body needs more than anything in order to heal itself. With the deep rest induced with the practice of the Ishaya Ascension techniques, the body is able to rapidly heal all of the stress that has accumulated there throughout our entire lives and even keep new incoming stresses from affecting us adversely.

Find out how the Ishaya techniques give you the experience of living with gratitude and love as portrayed in the film, "What the Bleep do we know?" and the co-relation between the Ishaya techniques and the power of thoughts as depicted in the book, "The Hidden Messages in Water" written by Dr. Emoto

Go to this website to learn more www.ishaya.org



12-08-2005 22:12:56

There is a intro to the Ishayas Ascension. It is at the Bodhi Tree book store on Melros ave in West Hollywood. It is going be on Tuesday the 16th from 730-900.
If you live in L.A. please come and join us. Its free!

Kindest Regards,