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Problem of saying the sound of Aaah


16-03-2005 22:01:36

I've been practicing meditation. So far so good. Thing is I have a slight problem sounding out the sound of Aaah at full blast (Which Dyer recommends for the first 1/3 of the time) in my apartment at 6am without the neighbors or my three roommates calling the cops. D

Anyway, any suggestions or alternatives for this. I guess I could just say it silently but that may not be as effective. And I cannot do it at any other time of the day as I am working.

Any help would be appreciated.



18-03-2005 07:37:51

Good Question, yeah, I have the same problem since I might wake people up.
But is the Ah meditation any less effective if you don't say it as loud? In the morning when people are sleeping, I say it semi-loud, kind of whispering loud so I try and don't wake people up.
Does anyone know if you don't say it as loud will it be less effective? That's my concern too.
I know Wayne says to do the meditation silently at the end, so could it be possible that you don't always have to say it full blast at the beginning 1/3 of the meditation for it to be as effective.

Does anyone know?




12-11-2005 16:53:05

I've thought about waking people up before through the meditation but if it ever happens or I cannot get loud enough without waking them up I would just take a walk down the street to the park or the woods and do it there.


14-12-2005 13:09:08


Maybe you could request your roommates to get ear plugs.

Also, if there's a park nearby, maybe you could practice your meditation there.

And could you pleeeeeeez give me the evening meditation.