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Getting into meditation - the real thing!


07-12-2004 11:18:15

For those of you who have not read it, in "The Power of Intention", on pages 56-57, Wayne Dyer descibes a beautiful spiritual teacher named Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and the practice She teaches, called Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

In the book he does not give any details of how to find this practice, but they do have a web site - www.sahajayoga.org. All the classes worldwide are free, and having tried it I have to say that everything you read about what meditation should be is really experienced with Sahaja Yoga. You feel peace, the mind becomes silent and serence, you are absolutely aware, balanced and in joy. And very quickly you find that stress does not creep up on you, your temper and reactions to others start to be replaced by a feeling of compassion and enjoyment of others. It happens very spontaneously, and you find that you are enjoying every moment of your existence in a new way. Its great!

Fair Raven

08-04-2005 18:40:13

That is great information to know. I looked it up and they have a location about 30 minutes from me that offers meetings on tuesdays. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for that helpful post. Have you gone to any?


23-03-2006 12:00:07

That's great to know Dr. Dyer speaks so highly of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. I've gone to the free classes and listened to her talks - absolutely incredible! I've experienced so many beautiful things since starting Sahaja Yoga meditation. I've been at peace , have more energy, more confident and have experienced such incredible joy and happiness. The transformation takes place from within. Truly amazing - the real deal!


07-09-2006 10:10:53

I've been practicing Sahaja Yoga for almost two years now and it is has had an incredible effect on my life. I've started my own website sharing my personal experiences on how Sahaja Yoga has had such a positive effect on my life. The website address is www.sahajayogaspirituality.com For those of you who have not experienced it yet there is a beautiful process called "Self-Realization" which you can experience sitting at home in front of your computer. You can achieve your "Self-Realization" by following the links on my website or by following the links on the website www.sahajayoga.org


07-09-2006 14:00:13

I bookmarked the websites so that I can try them later. Do you use any particular music when you meditate?



08-09-2006 19:56:14

I usually listen to classical music or certain meditation cds with nature sounds. These types of music usually help me to get thoughtless when I'm meditating