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Help me learn to mediatate, please


29-11-2004 18:47:08

Hello everyone;
I am very interested in learning how to mediatate and relieve some stress. Any suggestions on books, dvd or video that I could use to learn how to do this?

I am open to all comments and questions.
Thank you,
Daryl D


29-11-2004 19:03:53

Daryl - as long I am around tonight for a while, I wil give you a quick response. I am sure you will get much advice from many people on how they meditate. But what you will eventually end up doing, is meditating your own way. Have you done any meditation at all - visualization, music, etc? I like Dyer's approach to meditation, and even he has several different methods, some of which are available from this site on cd or tape. I have tried them all. But what I like best from Wayne was his comment about getting to a place of "no-thought" - a place where you quiet your mind down to no-thought. I cannot tell what happens because that is impossible to describe. Wayne talks about the present-moment, Tolle talks about the now - the Course talks about the Holy Instant - they are all one and the same. A place we get to where we drop all our baggage that we carry - we drop our past and with the past goes all thoughts of a future. We simply are being - a place of no thought. It is so easy to write but difficult to do immediately - it will take time and practice, practice, practice. You are in competition with yourself - with ego on this one.

If you have never meditated before, I suggest you look up a class in TM - Transendental Meditation - it is good for starters.

And please continue to ask questions - they are the same questions many of us have.

Namaste - Ron


02-12-2004 07:40:25

I agree with Ron. The "best" way is different for everyone. Here are a couple of things that worked for me.

WD's meditations are good. You can also download this program for about $10. I think it's about 9 hours long. It contains some fascinating incite into the history & practice of meditation, as well three or four actual 45 min meditations. I highly recommend it!

The thing that has worked best for me is audio/visual stimulation & biofeedback. Studies of experienced meditators have shown sustained "Theta" brainwave activity. (This is the brainwave pattern that usually occurs right before you enter sleep - 4 to 7 cps). Several years ago, it was discovered that when an individual is subjected to audio/visual stimulation at a certain frequency, the brain actually aligns with it! It's something like the way shaman would go into a trance when looking at a fire. Anyway, I suggest you read a lot about it first, but you might consider purchasing a proteus and if you can afford it, a thoughtstream device.


02-12-2004 21:35:44

I am very interested in learning how to mediatate and relieve some stress. Any suggestions on books, dvd or video that I could use to learn how to do this?

As Ron says, you will eventually end up meditating your own way. I have meditated on and off for many years. It was WD's material that really focused me on meditating consistently, daily. His book and accompanying CD, Getting in the Gap, is a great way to get started. He uses a phrase, the first 10 words of "The Lord's Prayer", as a mantra, with the gap between the words being the place of 'no thought'. I went from that to using my own phrase, without his CD, and now just focus on my breath as my 'mantra' with and without music of my choosing.

I offer the following article, which I recently wrote which may provide some insight.

"The Value of Meditation
An Aide In Intentional Creation"

When most of us think about meditation, we think of someone sitting in an uncomfortable lotus position, their feet resting in an ungainly way on top of their knees, picture perfect posture, and in an apparent state of divine bliss (read that ‘they must be bored out their skulls’). Given that picture, most of us would rather avoid than participate in what could be the greatest blessing we can imagine.

Forget about what you have seen or heard. You can be in any comfortable position, other than one in which you will fall asleep. You should close you eyes, to shut out distraction. You can use music, mantras, or nothing. Breathe deeply, focusing on your breath, in and out, in and out. You can count your breaths, or not. You may see or hear things in your mind, or not.

As you focus on your breath, you will find that you cannot…at first. You mind is running through thoughts, any thoughts, all thoughts, at about a million miles an hour. One of those thought processes is, “What good is coming from this? I can’t even focus on my breath for one second, let alone a minute…or twenty”.

That’s alright. Don’t get down on yourself. Just gently let each thought pass by and pull yourself back to focusing on your breath. Be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Perservere. After several sessions, or several thousand, you will begin to see that your thoughts are slowing down. And therein lies the major value to the creative process.

Most of us have heard that meditation is good for us. That it can reduce the effects of stress and improve our health. It can provide clarity and awareness. It can rejuvenate us when we are feeling drained of energy. It can even help us connect to God, our Inner Self, our Source, the Holy Spirit, Life, Love, or many other names that mean the same thing. All this is true.

Another benefit, that most of us don’t think about, is that, as our thougths slow down, we are better able to control them. Many of us are aware that “as a man thinketh, so he is”. We are created in God’s image, that is, we are creative beings. The most basic tool of our creative process is our thoughts. What we focus on, individually and collectively, we create (and what a mess we’ve created).

The universal Law of Attraction states “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. Our thoughts are magnetized energy, drawing like thoughts from throughout the Universe. Most of us are thinking so many thoughts, so fast, we don’t think intentionally, and therefore, we create unconsciously. Meditation helps to slow our thoughts so we can think about what we are thinking about. As my thinking slows down I can begin to create intentionally.

As I begin to create deliberately, I let my feelings guide me in my thoughts. Feelings are the language of the Soul. They are sent to us from our bigger, older, wiser, more experienced Inner Self to guide us in the process of intentional creation. Our emotions are a wonderful guidance system which tell us that we are creating what we desire, or, that we are creating what we don’t want, by focusing on it. If we feel good, the Universe is bringing us what we desire, according to the Law of Attraction. If we feel bad, the Universe is bringing us what we don’t want, according to the Law of Attraction.

By meditating, and slowing the thought process, we are better able to determine which thoughts are causing us to feel good and which thoughts are cousing us to feel bad. If we are feeling bad, we simply don’t give it another thought, replacing that thought with one that makes us feel good…any thought that changes our emotion. It can be a thought of a beautiful sunrise, a flower swaying in the breeze, a loved one, a particularly passionate moment, petting your pet…anything that brings joy.

I start my day with meditation and meditate again after my work day, to re-energize myself for the evening. Give yourself to meditation 15 or 20 minutes, once or twice a day. It will be the best gift to yourself that you could ever imagine….for your imagination can now intentionally create everything you could ever desire!

© 2004 Donald Thomsen

chris knight

03-12-2004 06:36:41

I went from that to using my own phrase, without his CD, and now just focus on my breath as my 'mantra' with and without music of my choosing.

I do the same. The "OMMMMM" thing doesn't work for me, but I can always find myself centered in meditation without making any sound... focusing on my breath to get the voices in my head to be quiet.

I offer the following article, which I recently wrote which may provide some insight.

"The Value of Meditation
An Aide In Intentional Creation"

Donald! Thanks for sharing your excellent article!

My hair stood up on end a bit as I was reading your words. You've got the gift. 8)


03-12-2004 12:51:25

Hello All;

thank you for your words of encourgement and your wonderful replies. I have had the chance to think about some of the words that have been written here and I thank each of you for that.

I am awaiting the arrival of The Power of Intention and I am looking forward to having it here.

This has been a great experience so far for me and very enlightling. My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz, because of the story within it, meaning that when all was said and done with Dorothy, she always had it inside of her all the time. I feel so much like that, now I just need to get it out.

I look forward to being here for awhile and will thank each of you again for taking the time to respond with such wonderful words.



07-12-2004 19:24:05

What a beautiful post!
Thank you for being here!!! D


07-12-2004 21:10:13

My hair stood up on end a bit as I was reading your words. You've got the gift.

Thanks for your words Chris. I am in wonder, at times, at the words that come through me. I am thankful for that "gift".

Thanks also for your posting pointing fellow forum members to the article. It is my desire that many may gain helpful insight from those words.



08-12-2004 07:29:04

I have found that it is helpful to focus on some individual thing as a prelude to meditation, to focus my mind and slow down my thoughts. I have used the flame of a candle. I have sat by the ocean, focusing on the waves. I have sat in a natural setting, focusing on the beauty. As my eyes naturally get heavy, I allow them to close and then begin my meditation, focusing on my breath, in and out, in and out.

Recently I started doing breath work as a prelude to meditation. It not only helps slow my thoughts, it has healthful benefits for both my body and Earth.

As I begin the breath work, I take several long, slow, deep breaths from the stomach, to relax me. Then, on an in-breath, I visualize taking in Source Energy through a portal in the top of my head, drawing that Energy down throughout my body as I continue the in-breath, scanning my body, and filling it with Source Energy.

On the out-breath, I visualize the Energy leaving my body through portals in my hands and feet, rejuvenating and replenishing the Earth and atmosphere, as in our cycle of breathing, we exhale carbon dioxide, which the plants then take in.

After a few full body breaths, I take a few more minutes and focus Source Energy to my brain, enlightening and expanding it on the in-breath and, on the out-breath, again letting the Energy exit through my hands and feet to Earth and air.

I find that breath work naturally and almost automatically moves me into meditation.

Source Energy is called Prana in India, Chi or Qi in China, Ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii (interestingly in the Torah it is called manna or “bread from heaven”). It is also called Vital Energy. We must have this Energy in order to live a long, healthy, vital life. It is necessary for healing to take place. Focus Source Energy to a place in the body that needs healing for several minutes at a time, several times a day. If your energy is sagging at some point in the day, use breath work for a few minutes to instantly revitalize yourself.

Breath work allows us to take in an abundance of this Energy, bringing healthful benefits both to our bodies and to Earth, Water and Air.



08-12-2004 09:06:39

Hello All

I have recently joined this group and happy that I joined. I read the article on Meditation. I have been meditating on and off with that Posture and sound of Ohmmm.
After reading, I learned the valuable thing from the article that we should just be there keep doing it for sme time even if we do not get the concentration in the first place.

Thanks all.
GOD bless us.



08-12-2004 14:27:51

Dear Meditation Seekers,

I have been a reader of spititual texts for a long time. I have spent 20 years trying to meditate. Finally, like Ron says, I have found my own way to get to that point where there are no thoughts. I did it by stopping the mind from using any language. Any thoughts that came to my mind, I discarded them because they used words. Over a period of time I learned to be quite and be one with the space described beautifully by Wayne and Eckhart as "Being in the NOW". Being without language is being who you are. lol

I have declared my ego to be dead. I have formally buried it alive. Good riddance.



11-12-2004 08:00:43

There are many suggestions already posted here on how to meditate, Dan, and all of them good for some people. Dyer has several CD's on meditation - Getting in the Gap - his "Om" and "Ah" disc, and others. Usually there is a class somewhere in your area where a meditation program is available - some free and some for a charge. For me, I have to say that meditation is simply quieting the mind down - to get the place of "no-thought" as Wayne states in one of his books. Some people believe they must focus on some thought in meditation, while others, attempt to clear their mind of all thoughts. There is no need to repeat a question over and over in your mind, when the answer is trying to be told to you. You have to literally "shut up the mind." God already knows any question that you may think of - and the answer as well. Meditation is the process of letting go - letting go of the thoughts you are holding in your mind - letting go of the past you believe in, letting go of a future that is based on a past that never was - simply letting go of believing all you believe. It is an opening to the Truth of who you are. Just sit there in the silence and stillness of your soul, in the sanctuary of your heart, and simply be in the presence of God - of Love - of your Truth.

Namaste - Ron


21-01-2005 07:04:02

John Kabat-Zinn has cd series called Mindfulness Meditation.

My advice is to start out slow, meaning put aside 5 minutes each morning to use a technique and increase at your pace.

Good luck!


21-01-2005 10:13:50

danh posted in Dec about his views on the Wizard of Oz. For those of you who are Course in Miracles students, have you noticed how the movie follows the thinking of the Course, and yet the Course came long after the movie was made? There are no accidents in this life.

Namaste - Ron


19-04-2005 15:14:17

Hello, and greetings from Finland, Europe D

I´m just a beginner in this path of "Inner Wisdom". All you beautiful people out there, giving and sharing (from your heart) your thoughts and experiences through this channel help me to find my own way, my own path. I´ve been looking for inner peace for so long now. There has been so many ups and downs in my life. In some level I do know that I should just surrender and let inner peace find me. I´ve tried to learn how to meditate, but for me, it´s just been very, very difficult. So, thank you all, once again for your advice, support and love.

Wish you all the best
Minna D


19-04-2005 19:30:02

Hi Minna and welcome to the family of Love. How about you telling me what you do when you try to meditate. Also how do you 'look for inner peace'? The peace you seek has 'found' you, but you have not located it as yet. No problem, you will get there and soon. The fact that you asked for help implies that you are ready to drop what you have believed in for what has forever been in Truth. And what does 'surrender' mean to you also? Once you have responded to these questions, I think we can better see the problem, and within all problems is the answer.

Namaste - Ron


06-07-2005 17:02:10

Here is a meditation that I learned a while back. It's called Ishayas Ascension.
It is just amazing. So easy to get to that place. Just saying the phrases you learn called "Ascension Attitudes" will sync your right and left sides of your brain. Then you will go deep and it is there where you will dissolve the stress in your nervous system.
It can be practiced with eyes open or closed. Closed eyed is where you meditate. Open eyed is great to keep you centered at all times.

Go to this website to learn more www.ishaya.org