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Meditating in a Flotation Capsule - Sensory Deprivation

chris knight

27-05-2004 15:03:39

Has anyone ever meditated in a flotation capsule?

I got a chance to try this in Mexico last year and it was an incredible experience.

It seems like a perfect way to achieve sensory-deprivation! D

More info

Tell us your experience if you've ever tried this.


27-05-2004 16:26:00

I view and use meditation as quiet time, no special requirements, etc. I think all the "rules" about posture, etc. turn people off. I use my quiet time for silence, to turn off thought, and also to visualize what I want to create in my life. Leatrice


08-08-2004 14:17:04

Sensory depravation in a flotation salt tank is a wonderful experience enhancing every aspect of meditation particularly visualization.
During our research of the flotation salt tank for back pain, we found several positive benefits.

First, the antigravity induces immediate decompression of involuntary muscle contraction removing nerve root and circulatory compression. As a result, immediate increased blood flow carries oxygen to the tissues creating opportunities for repair. The immediate reduction of pain is associated with increased oxygen and nerve decompression.

When one enters this environment, the first two or three exposures creates initial disorientation with dizziness. Once the body becomes oriented, this stage of disorientation quickly passes. The body learns to adapt and future exposures no longer produce disorientation.

As the water settles, complete sensory depravation is achieved. One can not feel anything, can not hear anything, can not see anything.

Therefore, the effect generated is described as ALL MIND. Visualization is unencumbered. Time distortion is experienced with minutes feeling like hours. Prolonged exposure in this environment in excess of five hours per session generates altered states of consciousness. Out of body manifestation may occur. The inside of the tank become illuminated, 360 degree vision experienced and other phenomena can occur depending on each individual response.

Inducing progressive relaxation is quickly achieved in this environment. With the conscious mind (critical thinking/decision center) is rendered passive, direct programming can be fed directly into the subconscious mind generating any goal. The subconscious mind can not differentiate reality or non-reality and believes everything as truth. The variable of our research was the length of time required to render a perfect reprogramming. The salt tank was not the perfect vehicle to create this goal.

The Rolls Royce sensory depravation vehicle is the single unit Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. We call it the 'capsule'. Once in this environment, the subject is taken to 3 atmospheres. This level of oxygenation is modified during the programming maintaining safe levels of tissue saturation. The ideal state of receptivity is induced, program downloading is initiated and continued for 8 hours daily for 42 days yielding a predictable engram.

An engram is a change in neuroprotoplasmic tissue which can be seen as a permanent groove identified on MRI examination. The hypothesis of a 'wellness groove' can be achieved.