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WATSU or Water Dance for meditative states?

chris knight

27-05-2004 15:01:13


Has anyone tried Watsu (Water Shiatsu)?

They say it induces a meditative like state...I have not tried it yet, but would like to experience it.

chris knight

22-06-2004 10:49:56

Similar experience of combining a Swedish Massage with Sensory Deprivation Chamber. I know, sounds conflicting, doesn't it?

I signed up for a Watsu 90 minute experience on a Saturday morning around 9AM. http://www.waba.edu/ (Where they teach Watsu) is only a few minutes away from where I had my experience.

The 44 year old Watsu female therapist greeted me, and we both went into one of the natural hot spring pools. She put a small air band around both of my legs to help with buoyancy.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my breathing and stopping the mental chatter. A few minutes into it I realized we were at the end and 90 minutes had elapsed as if time stood still. Very odd and very relaxing. Later that day I had quite a few moments of clarity where I was able to realize the purpose for the day -- for me.

Unlike Swedish Massage where the outcome might be muscle relaxation; Watsu is a spiritual version of massage designed to help calm the mind and reach whatever inner peace can be found with inside ourselves.

It's just one of those things that I think everyone should try once in their life -- for the experience. May not be for everyone.

If you've had a Watsu experience, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.