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If You're Struggling...

chris knight

26-05-2004 16:26:43

Meditation Resource FieldCenter.org

John K Arnold, a certified field center facilitator shared this URL with me http://www.fieldcenter.org/ -- It had an interesting page that I wanted to share that is relevant to our discussion on meditation

"If You're Struggling"

Brief summary of the article

If you are struggling with health, wealth, love or life direction, they recommend 3 steps

1) Be Still.
2) Take Radical Responsibility.
3) Adopt a Better Version of Self.

They go in much more depth in the URL above, so check it out when you get a moment. D


27-05-2004 06:44:12

I received an "elightenment" a while ago that I continue to roll over in my mind and find new uses for. It is similar to the three steps you listed

1. Be still.
2. Be Love.
3. Believe.

First, be still. It is physically impossible to be nervous/upset/scared and relaxed at the same time. So, take your deep breaths, count to 10, etc. Just be still.

Next, be Love. Not "human love," which is often conditional, judgemental and carries with it agendas. Instead, be Love with a capital "L" -- Divine Love... the Love that IS The Universe/God/Buddah/Allah/Jehovah. Unconditional. Non-judgemental. Complete. Full. Drop your conditions, release your judgements, let go of your agendas and BE Love.

Finally, believe. (It is interesting to note that the origen "believe" is two words be and leof -- love. We have come to associate belief with SOME doubt. But, the orginal meaning, "be love," seems erase doubt.) Believe what? Believe that you ARE in complete control of your life. Belief that you ARE here to enable the Divine Purpose of the world to unfold. Believe that We ARE One. Believe that you ARE a perfect and external expression of Creation. Believe that YOU are loved beyond your ability to comprehend.

These three steps can be done quickly -- in a moment.

Or, this can be your steps for meditation, over the space of 15 - 30 minutes.

Be still. Be Love. Believe.



25-06-2004 08:57:24

"Get the vision. Suspend disbelief and skepticism. Allow yourself to take the journey toward real magic."
Wayne Dyer

While this quote is easily adapted to intentions and manifestations of your thoughts, it is equally correct here in the meditation section.

If you are having trouble getting into meditation, simply settle yourself down and get a vision - a thought - of what you want to accomplish in a meditation - perhaps nothing more than experiencing peace. Now drop all your old belief systems about mediation, or about experiencing peace, or any other negative beliefs. Just lay them down for now. You can always pick them up again later - if you still choose to do so. Now that you have your vision - now that you have dropped your old beliefs - you are ready to begin your journey within - the journey to the vision you seek. Just allow yourself to drift inward and stay as long as you will. You will remember this place and go here often.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

25-06-2004 09:14:14

I was just thinking of a Dr. Philism "You either get it or you don't."

While that statement offers no explanation or solution to those that "don't get it" -- it does simplify the point when applied to meditation techniques are nothing more mysterious than we make them out to be.

What works for Wayne Dyer might not work for Chris Knight, or you or anyone else... Perhaps effective meditation styles are as unique as each of us are... meaning that the essence of meditation is calming down, breathing on purpose, and surrendering to the moment in order to become centered. How you accomplish it really depends on what works for you.

For me, it's early morning thinking time before the family wakes up that is best suited to becoming centered. When I'm centered, I attract more of what I want in life -- and when I'm off-center; I attract the oppositive of what I want in life.

When I am really off center, I find I need to escape my environment and head to a sunny beach to enjoy the sun and listen to the waves crashing. D

How do you become centered?


25-06-2004 09:31:32

Now this one question gives me many responses - many of them from ego. I believe my centering at present is my awareness of my truth - of my presence with God. And I usually will do this early in the AM - perhaps the first cup of coffee- before the house becomes active and the wife is up. I believe this is why I have this time. In that moment of centering - of be within the core of me - I have no thoughts other than of me in Truth - of God. During the day, I can go here also when I become aware of how off-centered I have become. Being off-centered simply means I am not acting in love - I am not acting in my Truth - I am trying to do instead of simply be.

Namaste - Ron


25-06-2004 11:08:49

Suggestions for Shutting Down the Inner Dialogue
1. When going within, use the metaphor of the pebble dropping through the various level of your mind
2. When you notice your mind overly crowded with thoughts, practice not focusing on anything just for few moments. You want to catch yourself and bring some stillness into the inner chatter.
3. Use your breath as a means to keep your mind from chattering away ceaselessly
4. When you find your thoughts just below the surface in the analyzing level, think of a rose.
5. At the synthesizing level when you are feeling the beauty and unity of life, you may discover that you are entertaining thoughts of pleasure about enjoying this spiritual space.
6. Make an attempt to put your awareness in the space between your thoughts.
7. Sign up for a martial arts course that teaches centering.
8. Make a call to your local Transcendental Meditation center and sign up for their introductory course
9. In any moment of stress, go within for just a few moments and allow the pebble to drop, even it is only a few seconds.
10. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself straight in the eyes and say out loud, “I love you, I value you, and I know there is much more to you than what I see staring back at me.”
11. When you make the decision to pray, rather than directing your prayers outward and seeking special consideration from God, make an attempt to be in the mind of God.
12. Visualize a large clock whose second hand pauses ever so slightly each time it marks off a second.

Namaste - Ron


09-07-2004 12:41:05

This post reminds me of what I'm currently dealing with and which is one of the 10 points Wayne Dyer discusses that I seem to be missing throughout everything. It's the "being receptive" that seems missing. When you're letting go and being Love you can feel the receptiveness in yourself growing. Am I receptive to what the Universe has to offer? Can I allow myself the actually feel the love, be the love? Or as Abraham says over and over again - you all know what you want, you could live lifetimes creating everything that you want. And the universe knows it too! But "Are ya lettin' it in?"

I think that's the toughest part, which also has to do with how we feel about ourselves, our worthiness to receive Love, the Universal Energy and thus the manifestation of our desires. If we can sit quietly and enjoy the silence for several minutes, we can learn to "let it in".


09-07-2004 14:25:32

Susan - I like that phrase and it really says a lot. Being receptive is merely being open - open mind - open heart and open eyes. Being open you are then able to let it in - BUT - one thing you must do first before IT can come in. LET GO of what you are holding onto! Love will wash away fear once we recognize the fear and let it go. If you feel the least bit unworthy - the least bit left out - asking why can't I do it? You can bet it is all because you have not let go. To let go is to surrender the thoughts - state that you are no longer able to deal with them, and you then turn to your Higher Power and give them away - but do not hang on! Once gone you will feel the experience of love powering into you - filling all those empty voids where fears once were. And the more you practice, the more fears you release, the more fears you release, the more love you feel. If you could but grasp the meaning of your truth, you would never, ever see yourself as being unworthy.

Namaste - Ron


09-07-2004 16:14:12

Thanks, Ron. Your response brought tears to my eyes....


13-07-2004 16:27:18

As I've been reading on this board, and not sure where it fits.... but it involves meditation which I've always had a hard time with (negative affirmation (LOL)

That I get into seeing things too big. Too all or nothing and overwhelming.

I can start a little at a time, one minute/step at a time. Same with meditation. Just a few mins of laying and resting or listening to music even.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing, total or not.

Not sure if this is explaining it right, but it just came to me.

One step at a time and building on that and not overwhelming.

I INTEND to start meditating!

Wayne says not to say "try" because that implies you aren't going to do it.

~ Carrie


08-10-2004 18:57:10

Thanks Chris, This is just what I needed! D


10-10-2004 16:29:25

Want to know a simple way to calm your mind? Color in a coloring book! I tell you it works. Find a complex picture to color and watch how your inner chatter dissipates. For those who cannot meditate and feel your mind races continually, try this. I love to meditate and have for years but I also have just recently started coloring mandalas and it is fascinating how focused I become doing this.

Remember as a kid when you colored how the outside world dissappeared?

Kentucky Rose