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Achieving Satori via meditation- AH meditation

chris knight

25-05-2004 16:46:08

Satori is often referred to as the state of enlightenment sought by many Zen Buddhists...and others alike.

Dr. Dyer mentioned in an interview once that most things divine have the sound "AH" in it -- such as "Yahweh, God, Krishna, Allah, Ra, Kali, or Durga. He listed all 30 of them in his book "Manifest Your Destiny."

What are your experiences with the "AH" meditation technique that Dr. Dyer speaks of?

Can someone tell or share with us how to do this meditation - technically?


29-05-2004 17:21:55

I believe that anyone who becomes "enlightened" while in meditation will never speak of it afterwards. It is such an experience that one does not know words to describe it.

Wayne's meditation technique of using the "ah" and "ohm" were great techniques to teach me how to quiet the mind - how to focus on a single sound and follow it. The one thing that I see now as I look back on it is this - is this truly a meditation when we say a sound - an ego action - in place of experiencing the silence?

Namaste - r on

Jerry Thornton

10-10-2004 17:56:02

Hello everyone and Peace and Love to you and your family,

I began the "Japa" (Ah and Om) meditation late November 2003. It works!!! I can get you an example. I have NEVER meditated ever. Just prayed I have not only manifested inner joy and Love but also a job 1000 miles away from a low vibrational area I was in. I am much more in tune with myself and the Source than 20 years of praying ever did.

The first time I say the “OM” mediation at night I woke up the following morning with the most restful sleep I can ever remember.

I still do it two daily or more. This has attracted new people (some are sages) in my life to show me the way to a richer deeper connection to the source and the next step.

I am currently manifesting a beautiful person to share my life and I know she will show up. I think she has been found but in short order I will confirm it with kinesiological testing. I would recommend the same book that Wayne’s recommends “Power vs. Force” by David R, Hawkins, MD PhD to learn about kinesiology.

I had doubts but they are gone. It is not your ego but your higher self that causes you to meditate. First learn that there are two keys

•Forgive all others in this and all past lives. (Really Really Forgive them)

Ask for forgiveness you have done to others in this life and all others (in meditation).

Forgive yourself in this life and all others lives. Hold no hate or unforgiveness in your mind and heart, if you do IT will hamper your mediation and manifestation.

Really, just give up your unforgiveness ways. Just give it up. If you don’t you become tied to that person or situation and deep meditation becomes impossible because you have used your FREE WILL NOT TO BE UNFORGIVING.

•Meditate on how to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. This is so important. Just ask the Source what to do, what direction to go in. Loving others UNCONDITIONAL is a major key to meditation. It may take time to learn this one but it is not impossible. Keep Loving others. BE A LOVER to every person you know and meet.

You may not be able to do these two key steps 100% of the time but you will coax your ego out of your life one step at a time.

Watch and see the wonderful life you manifest.

It may appear difficult in the beginning but just like a rocket needs a lot of power to get off the ground and very little to keep it going you may experience that in your meditation.

I am beginning to more into a different vibration and the meditation is changing as the source directs it. More on this later on.

Please do not give up and tell your ego self to take a backseat. You will KNOW the presents of the Source of all life without doubt. Ask it to reveal itself to you….

Peace and Love to you all and what a great spiritual journey we are all on. Never be afraid to ask for anything. In due time you will know.


13-10-2004 19:16:57

Hi Jerry - enjoyed your post, but the following truly grabbed me

"I am currently manifesting a beautiful person to share my life and I know she will show up. I think she has been found but in short order I will confirm it with kinesiological testing. I would recommend the same book that Wayne’s recommends “Power vs. Force” by David R, Hawkins, MD PhD to learn about kinesiology."

David's book is great, as are Dyer's. I went to a practiioner for over a year and have practiced kinesiology a while back, but are you by chance stretching your belief a bit far here? You are making it sound as if you are in the process of constructing a "beautiful person" in a robotic fashion and yet want your body to respond to your doubts. Can you see any flaws in your thinking here?

Namaste - Ron

Jerry Thornton

13-10-2004 21:03:51

Thank you for your insight and I think that there is a lot of truth in what you said. In the end since I thought about these things, the mate I was interested in was not interested in me. This test would only be out of curiosity and not so much about doubts (perhaps I have them too). I had made my mind up to have a long term relationship until she told me she was not interested.

She did not go into detail but it has been my experience that dating woman over forty that have not been married/divorced or had a least one really good love and breakup relationship seem to be interested in a long term relationship but in fact do not want it as much as other pursues in their lives. I date a lot on match.com (in the last year about 40+ dates/meeting of all age groups) and I find the same exact women on the site who still do not have a mate but claim they want long term relationships and marriage. They are married, married to their jobs or other pursues. A mate would be a side item for them.

I joined to date first than find a long term relationship. I am quite honest about that to all I have dated. Most have been truthful to me.

One even was quite interested in me, never married. She would meet me only after she knew how much money I made. (She mades 150K/Year, I make 45K/Year) She is still on the site four months later.

One’s initial impression is that this person is quite shallow. However I believe in the Source of all life and entertained the idea to go out with her regardless of our incomes. Of course this never happened because I was weeded out by her. How many men have gone through the same thing with her? Perhaps it is why she is still looking and even if she finds such a person would that relationship be a healthy one?.

Regardless my gut feeling (a/k/a God speaking through my higher self?) would have told me this was not going to work because it appeared that money/job was her boyfriend. It is this kind of thing I look for in a ‘never married/ few relationships’ woman. To see if a red flag(s) is there to prevent a healthy long term relationship.

I have had much better friendships and relationship when the other person is seasoned a/k/a divorced and experienced. Where the tire meets the road gal.. These of course are general observations but I due rely on my manifesting, gut feeling and experience.

I have not given up my attempt to date a woman who I like and has never been married but I watch for these red flag(s)., if it is going to happen it will show up in about 40 hours or less time with said person. I believe that is what has happened with the person I dated just recently. We had two dates and I liked her enough to have a long term relationship but she backed off and she had difficulty to show affection in public or private. Remember she pursued me not the other way around.

As far a manifesting is concerned I have gone a long way. I manifested this job, my perfest place, car, and my life in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. If you like Beaches and a very mild climate this place is wonderful for my tastes perhaps not another person. manifesting has showed me where the fuse was in my car to start it . This happened hours right before the Hurricanes hit Florida.
So I will continue with my novice way that others have said are dreams. That I am a dreamer.

The strange thing is wonderful things keep happening in my life. As if I’m the lucky one. These thing did not happen before meditation. So I manifest of self improvement i.e. forgiveness, unconditional love etc. and also the perfect woman, car, job, money and whatever else I need or want.

Yes I am constructing my life as you stated along with all the people in it. You are one of them. I am a co-creator and the only thing that can stop it is not to believe. If this can be found to be a flaw then it is my best flaw I have ever found in myself.

I thank you Ron for your observations and will mediate on them. All things such as your observations are given to me for a reason and I will find that reason out sooner or later.

Peace to You and your Family and many many thanks for your wonderful time writing and listening to a novice.



17-10-2004 19:36:50

Jerry - one of the big steps of manifesting is to put the thought you hold out there and then let go. The thought then is no longer in your control. I think I see you with a YO-YO thought - one you put out there and hold onto the string - it never quites gets there because you are holding on.
Think about this for a moment - what if the "perfect woman" has appeared to you many, many times, but you were too focused on how you expected her to be? You missed her many times perhaps. Why not become aware of those you meet instead of looking for the "picture" you are holding in your mind. How many of us would recognize God if God presents Itself to us? None of us, probably. You believe you have "manifested" all that you desire to make you happy, now you are looking for the last "brick" in your house. What if your house is not made of brick? What if everything you "desire" is a result of searching for a happiness you expect from someone else, but they will never be able to provide it? And what if the next breath you take, is your last? Loosen up a bit in life and allow life to be presented to you, instead of opening up "presents" you imagined.

Namaste - Ron

Jerry Thornton

18-10-2004 11:23:02

Hi Ron,

I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Thank you for your keen observation. Perhaps that is exacty what I am doing......

I am trying to picture not so much the physical aspect but what should be good for me, but I am still attached to ego self and it tends to want to drive me to physical and the old ways of doing things that never worked but cause less inner peace. I am trying to refine this and you are right I need to let it go and see where it lands. I think that is what I've been doing most of the time (but not always) is chasing rather that to wait and let it come to me.

I will attempt your suggestions as best I can. What I truly seek is inner peace and to know my calling better. I need help in finding those things inside of me rather than externally. My high self tells me so but ego tends to fight me all the way at times
I can say I am better off today than a year ago so maybe ego is being tamed very slowly.

If you have any more suggestions that would be helpful please share them with me.

Thanks again for you time and effort.

Peace to you,



19-11-2004 19:44:48

Hello everyone,

Wayne Dyer learned the AH meditation from his guru Guruji (now Siva Baba) with the instruction to share it with the world so people's lives could be more fulfilling. On Siva Baba's site is a technical explanation of how to do the AH meditation, along with an explanation of what the AH sound represents.

For the technical explanation read the piece "How to do the Ah and Ara Kara meditations" in the Practice Library section under Spiritual Teachings on www.sivababa.org -- For explanation of the AH sound itself, find the "One Minute Meditation" piece in the Practice Library.

All the best,