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Nude Meditation


26-05-2004 15:49:05

Hi, I think meditating in loose and comfortable clothing is the best way for me. I do try also to meditate with my feet bare. I guess on a hot day, it would be nice to meditate in the nude.

Tom Green

14-01-2005 12:07:58

Given the opportunity, I usually meditate nude. The idea came from reading a witchcraft book back in the 1970s that said that most of their rituals were done "skyclad," or nude for more power.

To contradict this, though I can't remember the source, I have read that Eastern meditation shoiuld be done while wearing clean clothing which are used exclusively for your meditation sessions. I still enjoy the nude meditation more as I'm more comfortable without the clothing on my body, especially in the summer when it gets hot in the desert.


17-01-2005 15:08:38

Nude meditation - interesting concept, but are we losing a point of meditation - to let go of our thoughts about who we think we are to reach the experience of who we are in Truth? If you are thinking body in meditaion, you are not meditating - my opinion here. It matters little what clothes we have on or do not have on - how we are sitting or on what - where we are, etc. Can you not meditate while walking and lose the thought of a body walking? The focus is on "no-thought" and not on thought - but again, my thoughts here.

Namaste - Ron


18-01-2005 10:11:19

J. Krishnamutri states that mediation is not ever done any specific way for anyone - it can even be achieved just being with nature. Never lose sight of the true purpose of mediation. Mind over body. Ron - great observational statements.


14-12-2005 13:22:37


I've never thought of nude meditation. Can you pleeeez shed some light on how is being nude is more pure? Pleeeez.

Can you pleeeease give me the evening meditation? I've got only the morning one. Humble request.



19-12-2005 21:52:49

Hi, to the guest, I don't consider the nude pictures of the girl meditating porn or "filth" as you call it. If you call being nude filth or porn, then I guess you partake in filth or porn when you change clothes or take a bath. But if it was meant to be porn, than it is porn. But wow, what flexibility that girl has, her arms stretching behind her back.

Servant of God

03-01-2006 00:20:07

Hey all,I do think the human body is beautiful.And if thats what floats your boat,then so be it.However,connecting with God has nothing to do with a nude body.Adam and Eve used fig leaves.Imagine sitting in church naked. lol It would be quite bizzarre. shock I do think we should have a bit more respect for our creator.We generaly would not think of parading around our parents naked.So why when trying to connect with the father of us all.I don't even like my mom to see me in my boxer shorts. lol Whitchcraft does it because they are Pagans.They don't believe in one true creator.They believe in many deities.I think we should be more humble and not do it naked.Thats just my point of view.Peace,K


13-03-2006 13:51:48

I have found that being nude even in mixed company has done several things for me.

1. I have learned to control (or understand) lust.
2. I have learned the only woman I lust for is my wife.
3. Without lust in my mind, I have better focus on what is important.

My best meditation experience came setting at the edge of a lake in the nude and feeling the sunrise. Yes my eyes closed, I could not see, I could feel the sun rising on my skin inch by inch as the day was born. It was an amazing feeling and one you must experience.