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How to get the voices in your head to be quiet?

chris knight

25-05-2004 15:22:51

One of the hardest things to do in life is to sit still and get your mind-chatter to stop. lol

If you've figured out how to do this instantly or quickly with some success, I'm sure many others would like to hear from your strategy! Please post it here.

For me personally, I'm really only able to meditate early in the morning. I've tried the guided meditation CD's but prefer to just sit quietly in front of my fireplace while I focus on my breath until my self-talk stops talking. Of course if it's a nice warm and sunny day, I prefer to achieve the same results on the beach. D

What works for you?


25-05-2004 16:18:39

I seem to be distracted so easily...I start off well, then before I know it, this or that thought, seems to slip into my head...does anyone have any ideas for me as far as staying focused on meditation. I certainly need some help...thanks


25-05-2004 16:46:08

It's not impossible, but it can be done, with dedication, like many things. I myself don't like the guided tapes because they interfere with my quieting mind. I actually liked the book by Eckart Tolle called "The Power of Now". He explains that not only should you concentrate on your breathing but also on your body, the way it feels. I first began the process by concentrating on feeling warmness in my feet, going up my legs, up my spine, eventually through the shoulders and up the neck to my head. That always got me very quiet. Listening to other ways of doing this sort of got me off track, so Eckart Tolle's reminder gave me a good boost in the right direction.
My problem though, if my life is really nerve wracking, there's nothing I can do to quiet the mind, or at least my ego tells me this. So, it's discipline, taking the time necessary and simply "knowing" that you can do it.

Jerry Thornton

25-05-2004 19:06:43

Try this website http://www.amma.org/
to help quiet the mind and this site

Jerry Thornton


27-05-2004 06:53:28

Stop struggling. The more you struggle, the more energy you are giving to your stray thoughts. What you resist persists.

Instead, welcome the thoughts! Welcome them like you welcome a parade and just observe them. Welcome them like you welcome the clouds that float by and watch your thoughts float by.

You can meditate where you still your thoughts. Or, you can meditate where you notice -- fully notice -- EVERYTHING. Notice that your toe is itchy and REALLY notice it. Then, notice the dog barking and LOVE it. Notice that you are thinking about the dog barking and become the Noticer -- where did it originate? then release it like a baloon and watch it float away.



27-05-2004 10:45:20

Another meditation discipline is one that is taught by Silva International. Coincidently, it is called...The Silva Method. Basically, it teaches you to go to Alpha and Theta using different exercises. They help you with different sounds that have the rythm of your brain waves at the Alpha and Theta levels. This really really helps.

Another point - Dr. Dyer is a Silva grad...and spoke last year or the year before at the annual Silva convention.

I think this is a wonderful way to get into meditation. And evidently it is approved by the good doctor!



28-05-2004 17:37:19

Mylesaway - thank you for this post. I am a Silva graduate and have the material, including a small device that provides clicks to help the process. It didn't seem to me to be useful anymore, because going to level is taught as an entryway to programming which requires focus. The very dear friend who introduced me to Silva programmed herself to overcome two deadly diseases. Would love to hear more from anyone who has any interest or knowledge in this. I am not having success with my meditating; I am following the teachings of Dr.Dyer and Deepak Chopra, with whom I had a one-week seminar. This is my first post. Palmstone


29-05-2004 17:14:45

All too often I have observed where the practice of meditation gets to involved with the "right way" or the "right posture" or the "right music" or etc. I have been lead and often lead others in visual mediation, but that is not the same "meditation" that we are talking about, right? In meditation, I simply get still - meaning quieting my mind - get to a place of "no-thought" and then I am no longer aware of anything. I hear nothing, but come out of the meditation with a knowledge I did not have previous. When I have attempted to "listen" - I focused too hard on "hearing." I enjoy when Wayne says that we can go there anytime - at a traffic light - on an elevator - etc. Meditation is not about having it for a period of time, but it is about forgetting about time.

Namaste - Ron


06-09-2004 03:39:00

Wayne Dyer gives us one of my favorite techniques for eliminating the internal chatter as discussed Getting Into the Gap. Between the first 10 words of the Lord's Prayer, saying AH brings one back into the special space of oneness in the GAP while very slowly moving the head to the left.
This is a must read and practice for everyone. A timeless classic.

Beginning the day with aerobic exercise stimulates endorphins, relaxes the mind, body, soul and creates a very receptive opportunity conducive to staying focused during meditation.

Additionally, prolonged aerobic stimulation creates oxygen euphoria,
creative happiness, setting the stage for intensive focused meditation with emotion and using SOUND as taught by Baba Sri Siva.
Ancient sounds held secret for centuries are taught by Wayne Dyer's guru,
Baba Sri Siva who discusses creative sounds such as AH and one of the most powerful ARA KARA as discussed in The One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment. Another MUST READ CLASSIC.

One of my favorite premeditation relaxation techniques
is aerobic stimulation while practicing my drums in extended solo's generating tremendous oxygen euphoria, creative endorphins, neuropeptides, and chanting AH and ARA KARA. That's what I'm talking about. Grooving and getting into a zone sets the perfect post-hammered
relaxation phase right before meditation and eliminates any internal chatter. Floating on a cloud with oneness.