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Rohan Harith asks about Meditations for Manifesting CD

InspiresYOU.com Team

26-09-2004 17:32:02

From the Legacy Wayne Dyer discussion digest
From Rohan Harith
Subject Meditations for Manifesting
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 103922 +0800

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the list. Just wondering if anyone has experiences to shares
about Dr Wayne's Meditations for Manifesting CD?

Rohan Harith

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29-09-2004 16:49:08


I just found the CD "Meditations for Manifesting" at the library this weekend. Oddly enough, when I was ready for it, it appeared.

I highly recommend the CD as a companion to Dyer's "Getting In The Gap." "Getting..." is a easier method for learning sound meditation. It was the CD I first used, then "Manifestating..."

I really enjoy the latter part of "Manifesting..." in which he walks through the gratitude meditation, the "Om" meditation, a wonderful evening ritual that I have taken into my life.

My only criticism with "Manifesting..." is that it sounds like it was cheaply produced...not the "quality" of "Getting in the Gap." But well worth getting!