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gminor asks about knowing


10-09-2004 17:08:07

Does anyone have any suggestions about going from believing to knowing? I think this is very important. I have had a few experiences of knowing in my life. For example, I attended a seminar and at the end they gave away a prize by picking a name out of a hat. Before they started the drawing I "knew" that I was going to win and I did. I would like to get to this point in my meditations for manifesting. I "know" that if I "know" something will be manifested it will happen. Maybe it is a matter of 'letting go'. Thanks for your advice and input.


11-09-2004 18:23:26

Hello Friend,

This is my experience so I wanted to share how I perceive what true "knowing" is.

For me I found that there are 2 kinds of knowing, I'm sure there can be more but these 2 tend to show up in my life.

The first "knowing" that you spoke of is almost a kind of psychic perception. Seeing the future in advance. This I believe is the Universe's way of showing us things to come. We don't always listen for a multitude of reasons and miss the wisdom so freely offered.

I believe the more I become harmonious with the Universe and the Spirit of Intention that these kinds of event are taking place more frequently.

An example is perhaps you have many ways to travel home but always take the same route. Except for today you pull up to the stop sign and you can go straight like you always do or turn left.

All of sudden you have a "knowing" that you should go left today. Only the next day you hear about a bad accident the way you normally go. It could be you were spared becoming involved in the terrible accident or perhaps you merely avoided being delayed.

For me the "knowing" during meditation has more to do with "Faith". I have reached a state of agreement with the Spirit of Intention and know beyond any DOUBT that what I intend to create and attract into my life is already here, available and manifesting this very second.

I know that I will create whatever I put my intention upon. Nothing will stop me from fulfilling my intention because I'm in complete harmony with the Universe.

I hope you truly find what resonates in you to understand what "knowing" is for you.

Eric R. Clark


14-09-2004 09:18:03

Thanks for your advice and input. I greatly appreciate it. I believe you are correct.


19-09-2004 09:32:39

For me, there are two versions of knowing - one I call intuition and the other, a more profound knowing that has forever been deep within you. The intuitive knowing we follow daily in the world we make. The deep knowing is that which we seek so often in so many ways without realizing that what we are after, is within us. We concentrate at times on position of the body in mediatation, even how we hold our hands and whether we are touching the right fingers, etc. We do all this with the hope that while in meditation we will become aware of our deep knowing - who are we, etc? But to become aware of the knowing within us, we have to simply become still - and just be in the silence with no thought - just be. What will be shown we may not remember when we again think, but there will be a glimmer of knowledge that we had not had before. Life is truly simple and yet we, as egos, complicate to extremes.

Namaste - Ron


26-01-2005 10:37:27

Ron said, "Life is truly simple and yet we, as egos, complicate to extremes. "

As Wayne Dyer himself has said, "I am not there yet." I am not there yet either, however, it helps to hear wise words. Thank you. )