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Baba Sri Siva speaking on " Thought Manifestation &quot

chris knight

13-08-2004 11:17:46

One of Wayne Dyer's guru's is

Baba Sri Siva
and he is speaking on 'Thought Manifestation'
November 20 1-3 p.m.
Creative Life Center
Sedona, AZ

I don't show it being listed here yet

But heard from a good source that he is coming in November.

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06-09-2004 04:10:34

Regarding Baba Sri Siva speaking engagements, he will also be speaking at the Vision Quest Metaphysical Book Store in Scottsdale, November 19, 2004, 7-9 pm. Tickets are $10 paid in advance, $15 at the door. Reservations are highly recommended as seating is limited.


21-09-2004 13:36:38

Just noticed that both Arizona events are now listed on Baba's web site. Check out Events under www.babasrisiva.com. He also has a really interesting trip to India in late October that's focusing on the Goddess!