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Baba Sri Siva coming to Phoenix - Thought Manifestation

chris knight

05-08-2004 11:20:19

Dr. Daniel Koontz wanted me to share this with the group
From "Daniel Koontz"
Date Wed, 4 Aug 2004 231039 -0700
Subject Re Wayne Dyer's Special Teacher Baba Sri Siva

Hi Chris

Many Wayne Dyer fans are extremely interested in learning more about
the work of Wayne's teacher, Baba Sri Siva.

Here is more information

1) 'One Minute Guide to Prosperity & Enlightenment' is the only book
we are aware of that explains the power of MANTRA'S and how to use
them for specifics.

2) Baba Sri Siva is speaking in Arizona

o) Phoenix, AZ - November 19, Friday, 7-9 pm
Vision Quest Metaphysical Book Store
Subject Mantra's for Manifestations of Love, Money, Romance and the
Divine. Fee $10

Several of my friends are very strong advocates of Wayne
Dyer's 'Power of Intention' and meditation for manifestation. All of
us are planning to attend both speaking engagements.
Baba Sri Siva is the meditation and enlightenment master that Wayne Dyer has referred to in prior works.

Any comments? Click on POST REPLY to send your thoughts on Baba Sri Siva.

chris knight

06-08-2004 15:38:42

More from Dr Dan Koontz
One of our members requested further information about Wayne Dyer's special meditation teacher, Baba Sri Siva.
Go To www.amazon.com
Enter The One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment
Author Baba Sri Siva

Next, access the Introduction which renders specific information
about Baba's unique purpose for bringing us this opportunity to learn
ancient meditation technology held secret for centuries.

Additionally, a rare opportunity is available to meet and hear
Baba Sri Siva in Phoenix, Arizona, November 19, 2004, 7-9 p.m. at the
Vision Quest Metaphysical Book Store. Attendance fee $10

Further information will be available as it is forwarded to me. There
is a possibility of a meditation workshop the following day subject
to Baba's schedule, however, we need to hear from prospective
students interested in attending a 'workshop' event ASAP.

I took the liberty to provide a link for this book

Click here for The One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment

Tom Green

13-01-2005 11:20:17

I was first introduced to Baba's teachings in the fall of 1998 through the earlier email form of this forum. Led to Wayne Dyer from reading Deepak Chopra's books, I read Dyer's "Manifest Your Destiny," and joined the email group. There was an announcement soon afterwards in a mailing that Sri Guruji Pillai had produced his own meditation tapes.

Since purchasing the original tapes, I have attended several of Baba's lectures and a weekend workshop. I no longer search for a teacher as I have found him. I have kind of lost interest in Chopra altogether (a lot having to do with the animosity experienced at his old Random House forum), though I still read Dyer's works.

Now known as Siva Baba, he has gone through several name changes since I first started following him. These names were determined by Nadi readings he has done in India.

I love Baba and am grateful to Dyer for leading me to my Guru, though I am what Baba calls one of his "WWW" followers (World Wide Wishy-washy). Due to time and ego, I don't always meditate as much as I'd like. I'm not monitairily rich (yet), but my life has been greatly enriched since first staritng with Baba. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm not the trainwreck waiting to happen that I was before Dyer's direction to Baba.

His One Minute Meditation is an expanded version of the "Ah" meditation that was introduced to Dyer.

I would recommend seeing him in person if possible, he gives "Darshan" (spiritual energy) to the audience during his events. But unfortunately, I understand they will be rare appearances from now on as he is going to do more work on the spiritual level in seclusion and cut back, if not stop his public appearances altogether.

My problem is that I have learned so many wonderful meditations and mantras that it is hard to choose one to work with. All his CDs are good and for some interesting mantra music, I recommend the "Dancing with Siva" CD.

This is my first post here and I'm looking forward to reading here on a regular basis.