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Baba Sri Siva explains - What Is Meditation

chris knight

22-07-2004 07:09:20

This is one of Wayne's guru's from what I've been able to gather
What Is Meditation
To meditate means to think, to think deeply. In Sanskrit, the word for meditation means thinking deeply. So meditation doesn't really mean keeping your eyes closed. Anything that you deeply, deeply think is meditation. Even people who are constantly thinking about something they want to manifest are in meditation.
Source http://www.vaaaksounds.com/

Has anyone read any of Baba Sri Siva (formerly known as "Guruji") books or works such as “The One-Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment”? Your review or comments?


31-08-2004 15:44:39

I am sure Wayne uses the term "no thought" about meditation - it is the place where you have no thought - just a clear, quiet mind - like the moment when no past nor future thoughts are present - only the now - the place of no thought. The object of meditation I believe is not to think.

Namaste - Ron


06-09-2004 04:04:21

One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment is an absolute must
read. Baba Sri Siva explains if you want to improve your mind, change the sounds in your consciousness. The conscious and unconscious mind
have a sound vibrational pattern. It is possible to synchronize ones
consciousness with the vibrational sound pattern of the Source with manifesting becoming reality. Grasping this concept is essential for
satisfying the mind relative to importance of dedicated daily practice.


24-10-2004 10:00:40

From *my* experience, I believe that when you meditate you have "hundreds" of past, present, future thoughts, feelings, emotions, until - you have *NO MIND*. The more you meditate, the better, "easier" can you get *past* all of those past. present, future thoughts, feelings, emotions and *move* to have a "FREE" mind.


13-11-2004 03:25:57

D i was taught to meditate about 10 years ago. i believe meditation is about transending or letting go of your ordinary conscious thinking mind and learning to focus your awareness more directly on a tecnique of your choice- breathing, mantra, body awareness etc. you let go of your thoughts and become aware of your tecnique 100%. i remember my sister when i was a child would watch tv and she was totally oblivious to what was going on around her, you would have to litterally shout at her two or three times to get her attention before she would realise you were trying to talk to her. i use this as a metaphore to meditation. your thoughts are still there as is the noise of my sisters surroundings, but you are not focused upon them, but upon your tecniqe. what happens then is your mind is no longer ditracted by your thoughts and you are now in a higer state of awareness. this is what i believe meditation to be D

chris knight

13-11-2004 07:15:30

D i was taught to meditate about 10 years ago.

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19-11-2004 06:02:03

Hi, my name is glenn and I just joined, but there appears to be a minor conflict about what meditation is. One person explains it as being very deep thought. When I first meditated, I consulted the services of a Zen master who would totally agree with Trinity's post. It is the releasing and transcending of the conscious mind.

On the other hand, maybe meditation is whatever works for whoever is meditating.




19-11-2004 19:21:30

Hello everyone,

An update for your from Chris's initial posting on Baba Sri Siva . . .

He just unveiled a new web site that includes information on the topics you are discussing. Go to www.sivababa.org (his new name is Siva Baba). The Spiritual Teachings section will have what you seek.

All the best,