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Terrence Reid asks correct hand position during meditation

InspiresYOU.com Team

09-07-2004 21:50:57

From the legacy Wayne Dyer fan discussion list
From "Terrence Reid"
Subject Hand Positions During Meditation
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 105217 EDT

I am new to meditating and Wayne Dyer.

I have just started listening to the Manifesting Your Destiny tapes and I am not sure my hands are in the right position during meditation (he was not very specific on the tape).

Please tell me if my hands should be touching each other, or should my thumb and finger on each hand should be touching.

If anyone can give Terrence meditation advice, please click on "POST REPLY" and send your thoughts. 8)

Namaste brother.


31-08-2004 15:38:23

For me, it matters not what position my hands are in, or if my fingers are in a Mutra position. I think that all too often we focus too much on meditation positions rather than the purpose of meditation. In meditation, we are to quiet our minds, slow our thinking and just allow ourselves to be taken to the silence of our souls, to the sanctuary of our heart, to experience the peace and love we are in truth. You can do this walking, riding a bike, or sitting or in a prone position. It matters little what the body is doing - it is the mind that matters.

Namaste - Ron


11-09-2004 18:32:58

I agree that there is no incorrect way to meditate. It should be however your most comfortable.

I saw you mentioned about the hand placement that Dr. Dyer refers to on more than one occasion regarding meditation.

I am under the impression after hearing him mention this on several occasions that he means to have your palms facing down and your thumb and first finger of each hand barely touching.

I believe Dr. Dyer's use of hand placement is not as important as is creating a circuit with your body that you are complete and connecting to your Source.

I have trouble personally getting my hand to do this so I just touch my thumb and first finger together the do the same with my other hand creating a interlocking link. I then visualize myself as being connected as a whole being and connecting to my Source then release it and position myself which ever way seems best at the time.

Eric R. Clark