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Robert Bury on his Meditation "ohm" Experience

InspiresYOU.com Team

04-07-2004 14:06:57

This was an introduct from the former Wayne Dyer fan moderated discussion list that never made it to the list...but it is appropriate here
From "Robert Bury"
Subject Meditation Experience
Date Thu, 8 Nov 2001 021449 -0800

Hello my name is Robert and I am a newbie here. So, I’m not quite sure how this works.

Anyways I was hoping someone might have had this or a similar experience because it startled me.

I was doing my evening “ohm” meditation this evening. Everything pretty normal, feeling relaxed, the usual. I started focusing on the “ringing” I “hear” (in my head) pretty normal. Then I had a feeling to move my head to the right. It’s a feeling I’ve had the past few nights but, I never followed it – didn’t feel right then. It felt right or I was curious tonight. So, I followed it and allowed my head to move to the right. So, my head began moving to the right then to the back – slowly around in circles. Very slowly. It felt as if something else had control of my head and was guiding it around in circles because it didn’t feel as if I was moving it. I began to think that maybe my head wasn’t actually moving so, I opened my eyes and sure enough it was. I closed my eyes again and let my head rotate with the feeling that it wasn’t me doing it. It felt like someone was holding my head and rotating it for me. Very different. It felt right so I let it continue. The pace began to increase. The rotation of my head slowly got quicker and quicker. Until it seemed like it was getting out of control, to fast. It startled me, so I stopped it and opened my eyes. I felt uneasy and as if someone was behind me or around me – other than the normal feelings of “God” around me. I finished my meditation and came straight to the computer to look for answers. I don’t feel afraid or threatened. I just feel that I experienced something I don’t understand so, I’m hoping to find some answers.

I hope I haven’t startled anyone with this, as I said I am new here. Managing life’s coincidences through meditation is amazing. (Not really a good way to put it but, that’s the simplest way to put it for me.)

I would love to hear any comments anyone has on this (my story sounds strange even when I read it back to myself but, that’s what happened). Also, I would love to hear anyone’s experiences with “Meditations for Manifesting.”

Thanks for reading this.

Take care,

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