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Top 7 Techniques To Quiet The Mind - Benefits of Meditation

chris knight

02-07-2004 06:34:03

Dan Knapp wrote two relevant articles to our discussion

Top 7 Techniques to Use Your Quiet Mind


Top 7 Benefits of Meditiation

Any comments on his articles?

Taoist Warrior

25-07-2004 18:24:09

Hello all, new to the forum but a staunch Dyer fan for a long time. I would add to the benefits of meditation the following

8. Meditation awakens and expands your intuitive faculties. You will begin to recognize universal guidance and understand the importance of acting on it more than before.

This has been a big one for me. I think when your higher self sees that you are consciously intending to connect with it, it repays the favor more frequently. After meditating continuously for several days, I begin to receive guidance on even minor details of life, and acting on such guidance produces many blessings (or avoids little disasters, such as spilling my tea all over myself on the way to work because I ignored the voice which said "put down your tea for a moment." LOL.)