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Life's Apprentice

28-06-2006 11:11:37

I'm married and a mother of 2 wonderful little girls; both under the age of 2. I'm grateful for this site as there are many wonderful topics and discussions that help me keep my sanity in this crazy world. I'm always in search of peace and learning anything that can make be a better person.

Currently, I'm feeling LOST. Simply trying to figure out how to work full time, be constructive with my children, develop a great marriage, cook, clean...etc... I have read parts of Dr. Dyer's books and actually listen to most in the car. Dr. Dyer has touched my life in many ways, I just find it difficult at times to be constant with the thoughts. Anyway, I'm glad that this site exists and hope to learn more. D


05-07-2006 12:38:45

Welcome!!! P By using the word "LOST" that makes it seem like your searching for something. When I hear that word, it makes me think, "you may be concentrating on 'things' you think you're missing rather than contemplating the things you already have". Remember, we have a choice. We can find a positive spin on everything or we can wallow in negativity. You alone can determine how happy or unhappy you are. Know that the Source knows why you're here even if you don't. Everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to! No doubts...say to yourself...you are happy...stop thinking any negative thoughts...get inspired...love who you are and what you do each day! And finally... be very careful what you think... because what we think, the Universe provides... Namaste! )