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new member...trying to stay on track

SG in TN

15-06-2006 22:37:44

Well I just finished writing an intro. message as this is my first time actually participating...and somehow I hit a button and it got erased. I hope I am not waisting space writing it again.
I have been reading these great postings for weeks now...ever since I saw Wayne Dyer on the PBS special. So much of it hit home for me. I even changed my way of thinking and wasn't surprised to see all the amazing results. I am thrilled to have found all of this which happened totally by accident.
I moved from the sunny state of Florida to Tennessee a year ago. I have had a hard time with the move....sort of culture shock. I have found wonderful people and things here but get depressed and start thinking of my old life in Florida. Inspite of all the good things I have found here I still feel homesick and very isolated. My work, which is my inspiration is also a cause of the isolation. I teach musical theatre to children and my day starts when the school day ends. My day starts very late and I have too many hours to think of negative things.
As I said, I am trying and I believe I am on the right track....I can use all the support I can get.


16-06-2006 12:48:10

Welcome Susan! First off...there is no 'right' track or 'wrong' track... there is only 'the' track. You are in TN for a reason. And even if you don't completely understand your purpose, have faith and know that God does. If you're questioning things in your mind then the Universe will send you more questions. Form a picture in your mind that paints what you want your life to be. Concentrate on that and 'know' that it will happen. Remember, 'your thoughts, not the world cause your stress!' Congratulations on your first step toward enlightenment. Like Dr. Dyer says, "IF you want to be happy, BE HAPPY!" D


18-06-2006 08:06:29

Hi Susan,
I too am new to this forum but I believe that with the loving energy of a group of like-minded people and our decision to take the first step towards change we can accomplish anything. As it says in the Bible "for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them" I believe Dr. Dyer is reinforcing this through his writing - we can accomplish anything when we join together with love and peace. Remember - again, through Dr. Dyer's writings - the wake can never drive the boat! Release the past and move on to a bright and happy future. Open your heart to love! Blessings to you, Barb

SG in TN

18-06-2006 11:56:52

Thanks you guys for the wonderful words of encougagement. It is an amazing feeling to find people who think this way. I had been feeling so disconnected and homesick for awhile but my attitude and thinking has definatly changed. I am ready to go out and embrace this beautiful place that my husband and I have moved to. He even notices a change in me. I know I will still have the ups and downs...but at least I am learning things that hopefully will make the down times easier and the up times even better...Thanks again,Susan