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New To You..


26-02-2006 10:11:09

Hey guys and gals, just exploring this site and wanted to check in and say hello. I am also new to this forum and am looking forward to reading your posts. -)


28-02-2006 01:37:42

Dude, you are welcome here! Hope you enjoy all the 'godding' that's taking place here!

(ps call me a dud but you're not the leggo from the 'other' forum are ya? wink )


28-02-2006 19:15:58

Hey Jells,
No, I am not currently part of any other forums, at least not any that I would use this screen name for. I have always played that Eggo phrase in my head, ya know the waffle one, and it's helped at times. But anyway, the short answer is nope.