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12-01-2006 16:28:58

Hello everyone. I just signed on and would like to introduce myself. I'm Michael. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I started reading Wayne Dyer last month with Power of Intention and (while reading Intention a second time) I'm now reading Getting In The Gap. Coming from a background and a long line of pessimistic thinkers, Dyer's teaching has been like a breath of fresh air. Already I've seen changes, mostly in my attitude and my outlook, and also in material and spiritual ways. I've had a few obsticles with Dyer's teaching bumping into my Judeo/Christian/Catholic background but bit by bit those obsticles are being resolved. (I would love to hear form others who experienced that particular bump.) I'm looking forward to sharing with other manifesters and learning.


13-01-2006 10:04:18

Welcome to a place where the air IS fresh rhinowriter! Hope to have you around here more often sharing your insights and experiences! D