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my little problem


26-12-2005 06:29:27

Hello I'm William from the chicago area.
I believe in God and a lot of Dr.Dyer's teachings resonate with me.
However,I keep having this tugging in the back of my mind that bothers the heck outta me.
It asks meWhat if all this God thing is all untrue and we're alone down here?I mean,when have you seen spirit?
So I describe myself as a believer with and unfriendly tugging.
I look forward to learning all I can in this forum and hope we're all blessed. D


02-01-2006 09:55:37

I truly believe that what your 'hearing' is your ego saying, "show me proof"! We have to surrender to our hearts and ask the ego politely to take a well deserved vacation! In order to really be inspired(in-spirit), we need to trust and have faith.


08-01-2006 06:47:28

There's a great quote billyboy from a Neale Donald Walsch book called 'New Revelations' whereby it philosophises that whether you're a believer of God or not, as long as you're here ALIVE and living Life, particiapiting in all it's cycles and day to day activities whether illusive or not, that's all to it, you're automatically 'in God'...get it?

No one is NOT from the Source. Even non-believers came from an intelligent source. To not acknowledge that is to NOT exist whether in spiritual or physical form and that isn't even a comprehensible thought because even in NON-EXISTENCE, or LACK OF, is God in all his infinity. There's NO WAY OUT dude! You're God and you're It, sorry to break it to ya hard man! D

So tell THAT to your atheist friends! lol


09-01-2006 21:23:06

If everything about God is untrue, and we are alone down here, does it really matter. Are you afraid to be here all alone, or are you living your life in a certain way because you fear God.

I personally do believe in God, and we are all God. But even if you don't believe and you think we are all alone, the end result for all of us is the same, which is death and there is no stopping that regardless of what you believe or don't believe.


02-03-2006 17:19:08

We will never "see" the answer as long as we're alive. If this was possible it would dissolve the purpose of the journey here. It is a journey that tests our inner strength, or faith. The only indication to keep us believing is when we ask yourselves "Is there an intelligent, devine force". Speaking for myself I feel great peace at answering "yes" to that. I feel good. If I say no to this, I feel empty and lost. I feel bad. As Wayne Dyer says "What do want to feel?" "We want to feel good"! I think we would all agree.


13-09-2006 04:54:06