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Meet Jellyfarm!


20-12-2005 08:59:07

Being here for so long and I never introduced myself!

Hi my username is Jellyfarm bu most people call me Persis in real life. I hail from Singapore and am a huge WD fan!!! (In fact, I think I may have a slight crush on this man!! LOL!)

I enjoy making a fool of myself in public, spitting and collecting TP!


I'm 32 and I enjoy feeling goof...er...I mean good!

Other favourite pastimes include meditation, photography, eating, sleeping, reading and just being a total jelly. I'm Asian Indian and I don't do Bollywood! wink D

I work as a screenwriter/producer/director for a local production house and in 10 years time I INTEND to direct a children's film for the world. I know I can do it. WD says we can dream big, so there! lol D

And here's how I look like!

chris knight

20-12-2005 09:06:50


Hi Persis!

I have not been to Singapore yet, but it's on my "to travel list" before this decade is over.


Me? I like Peanutbutter (chunky style) and Strawberry jelly.


20-12-2005 09:14:45

Well, well, well...peanut butter (chunky style) and strawberry jelly eh? wink

I'd say that's one zapa-tistic combo there my friend! Have you tried splicing some DelMonte 'nanas in between...strange alienistic concoction but nothing short of entertaining I'd say...Besides, why not live life on zee dangerous lane eh? LOL!

Thanks for the appetizing welcome Chris and if you decide before the decade's done to hop onto our shores, you're more than welcome to give this jelly a wiggle! Haha! D CheerZ mate!

chris knight

20-12-2005 09:18:57

Have you tried splicing some DelMonte 'nanas in between...strange alienistic concoction but nothing short of entertaining I'd say...Besides, why not live life on zee dangerous lane eh? LOL!

that would be good to eat...

If you really want to live on the dangerous side, you need to try peanutbutter and potato chip sandwich! ...if anything, it'll be funny to watch the chips and peanutbutter stick to the roof of your mouth!



02-01-2006 09:57:54

Hello Jelly Farm!
I too write for a living, except mine is radio advertising! I'm intrigued to find out how your spiritual principles show themselves in your every day work!


08-01-2006 06:33:38

Chris..man...that is one wicked combo! Never thought of that!-)

Let's see what else can I think of?

Jelly pickles on a bagel?

Jelly with hazelnuts...(Ugh!)

Jelly with soysauce! (Arghhhhh!!!) lol

Hey on_purpose....cool to hear you're in the media too. I used to work at a college radio station in Ohio when I was doing my college degree back in 1996. I then moved on to TV Broadcasting and TV/Film Production.

Hmmm....how do I inculcate spiritual practises into my work eh? Tough man!

Loads of times I find myself letting go of struggles (I don't have a choice see? lol ) I know that if I demand and expect too much of myself, I'd

#1 Die of a heart attack at age 35! Haha!
#2 Have sleepless nights and then die of a heart attack at 35!
#3 Make enemies everywhere I go which is not smart in a small industry where everyone knows everyone, then have a heart attack at 35!

So from the above, you can see that all the non-spiritual paths lead to the ultimate heart attack scenario!

But seriously, it's tough...you have to take it day by day, minute by minute, second by second....when you work in a team, there will be flare ups and egos to deal with....I just take a deep breath and speak as calm as I can....but there are people who still want to 'fight' with me so to speak and when I answer calmly like they don't affect me, their tone changes. They know they can't get to me....but I do have a temper sometimes and I will have my bad days but they're rare. I try to be an example and not let it get to me, including the ego of being in a very 'glamorous' industry. It's hard work, dedication and passion at the end of the day and the job matters most.

In short, most days I'm in a daze! haha! Well, hope that helps!