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Hello Everyone!


07-12-2005 18:38:28

Hello all!

I'm so glad that i've came across this site. Dr. Wayne Dyer is trully, one magnificent human being. I've never heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer, until I browsed through the self-help section in my local bookstore. And I came across the book "How to manifest your destiny". At the time, I was doing some serious soul searching. My X-GF dumped me pretty hard, married a millionaire soon after, and I thought there was no reason to live.

Once I picked up his book, my life changed instataneously. His words filled my heart with so much hope, I finally realized that thinking positive is the key to happiness. After reading his book, it give me a reason to keep moving forward. I'll never forget what he's done for me. So I'm here now to insure that I keep thinking positive, and manifest the life I've allways dreamed of.


02-01-2006 09:59:52

Good for you! Live your life on purpose!


08-01-2006 06:40:26

Well howdy doody!

Just making my rounds here and welcoming everyone!

Hopeful romantic, glad to meet you! I'm Jellyfarm...Jells for short!