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The name says it all...


11-10-2005 23:28:52

Hello all, I am Brandon. I reside in Wisconsin and I am 20 years old. I have just started to listen to Dr Wayne Dyer and he has caught my ear it seems at the lowest point in my life. I am Fighting_2_Live...its more then a name


13-10-2005 22:36:47

I just wanted to remind you that one day, or one month or one year is no measure of your entire lifes existence. One moment or one so called mistake does not represent all of who you are or who you will be.

Most of all the greatest growth and knowledge seem to come out of great stress and pain, which might not seem like a consolation today however just the fact that you 'discovered' Dr Dyer shows you are seeking and there in lies the start of a journey from external pressure to inner peace.

Its closer than you think, don't give up.

Stay in the light.


02-03-2006 17:35:03

There are no accidents in this life. It is all happening in devine order. Just "Let go and let God". I have suffered through low points too. What comes out of these times, if you hold tight and keep faith, is strength. You'll become stronger than you ever realized you could be. Always remember that pain is weakness leaving the body.


07-03-2006 18:18:00

Isnt' it wonderful to have Wayne here in your life? You'll live dude! Welcome to the boards! D