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Wayne’s view on the bible


30-07-2005 18:19:42

I had a brain tumor at age 8 and remember floating above looking down scared to death, there was a man floating next to me and told me not to be scared and all the terrifying feeling left and I was filled with peace until I woke up. I became a Christian and had a dream that Jesus was walking with me through the bible latterly walking with pages going though us to the next. I said “
”Jesus how what your saying isn’t what’s written”. He said “ it was written that way to test the hearts of man you can tell where a mans heart is on how he interrupts the word in the bible. After that dream church was never the same I felt it became backwards in the thinking, the body of Christ has to many mouths and not enough hands and feet.

Wayne Dyer interrupts the bible in a loving way, though not perfect he is trying and a blessing in my life. We should all thank him by praying and keeping him in our meditation. Thank you Wayne Dyer for giving people A chance to Live in the flow rowing down the stream of life.