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Hey there everyone! Another Newbie here!


06-07-2005 15:57:23

Hi. I just found this forum today. I did a Google search on "Wayne Dyer divorce," as I am going through one right now and thought I could use some of the man's perspective on things.

I didn't even know this forum existed!

Since my wife moved out, I have listened to about 15 different Dyer CDs. I listen to them when I go on walks, or at night before bed. I have listened to or read a lot of "self-help guru" materials in my life (I'm 39 years old) but none of them have really hit me the way Wayne's have.

I have two great kids, ages 11 and 7, but am having a real tough time absorbing my wife's new relationship and my lack of one. I feel like I have been alone for about 4 years, even though the divorce won't be final for another two months.

I am trying to manifest abundance and a loving relationship in my life, but still find myself fighting negative and self-defeating thoughts.

I tell you this much I will probably become quite a regular around these parts, as Wayne's words and thoughts have been my therapy!


28-07-2005 20:05:16

Hi Just read your intro How are things going for you?
Blessings, Mamagik