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04-06-2005 10:23:35

Hi All
I am new to this site, hope to encounter a lot of teachers and students here!

I've enjoyed Dr. Dyer's work from way back when, in his early days. When his Power of Intentions program showed on PBS...I had been doing intention work already, and had many questions that he answered right there on t.v. I recently checked out this book at my local library, and again things are getting clearer, and my intention to grow, learn, heal and help others becomes stronger each day.

Hope that this finds you all well, and having a fulfilling life today!



20-06-2005 19:00:52

Hi there new teacher and welcome to a family of like minds. I personally am glad to have you here and look forward to your lessons - it is difficult to tell the student from the teacher.

Namaste - Ron