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I am a new member


31-05-2005 19:15:58

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa. I was in depression about a year ago. My massage therapist introduced Wayne Dyer to me. Since then, I read almost all of his books. Sometimes, I am desparate to share my thought with people. However, my husband is not into this stuff. I feel along in the spiritual path. That is why I join this forum.



20-06-2005 19:06:30

From depression to impression - a good change of thought to be sure. I enjoy reading how people get tuned into what they have been seeking but never realized it. Somewhere you asked God for help, and it came in the form of your massage therapist. Never see yourself as desperate to share your thoughts here, but do see yourself as willing to share your thoughts with us. Your thoughts are lessons for all of us. And never is there a question that one of us will judge as being meaningless - we have all been where you are now - some of us just don't want to remember. But one thing that I do not see present here is that of being alone. Each one of us is a member of your family - here for you at any time - post here or post privately - but post. I feel that you have a lot of questions and a lot of answers. Welcome home, Lisa.

Namaste - Ron