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New To The Site - Long Time Dyer Fan


29-05-2005 09:06:10

Hello Everyone,

My name is Debra and I'm from Twinsburg Ohio.
I'm married with 4 kids.

I can say for certain that I would not be on the life
path I am today had it not been for Dyer.

I love the way he presents ideas with humor.

I look forward to lots of reading and interaction.


There are no people better than anyone else,
it's all about being aware.
It's like living life awake or asleep.


29-05-2005 09:24:22

I was doing a web search on the words

what you think about expands wayne dyer

That led me to this link


Chris Knight's article on the 22 lessons learned from Dyer.
At the bottom of that was a link to this discussion board.

My first thought was.....

WOW..... a whole group of folks who are Dyer fans !!!
I signed up right away and I am still going WOW !!!

The reason I was looking up info on that in the first place
was to be able to explain it to a friend of mine.
That search, then led me here. )


20-06-2005 19:09:11

And the reason you found us is not what you believe it is - you are by no accident. You, too, have much to share with us. Begin whenever you feel comfortable - or when you are ready - whichever comes first.

And welcome to a loving group of like minds, all who are here by 'accident'

Namaste - Ron


22-06-2005 21:01:24

Hi I am also new to the site. All I can say is that after 30 years of depression Wayne Dyer along with others have helped me to over come.

The line he used was "You cannot be depressed if you are connected to Source" All I wanted to know was how come no one ever told me that along time ago. It was like magic and made so much sense.

Don't get me wrong like will always be a challenge but with Superior tools and Knowledge you can rise above it all.

All I can say is Blessed are those you seek to grow beyond their given boundries.