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I find Peace in the Silence


21-02-2005 08:49:31

Hello Everyone!!

Let me start by saying I have nothing to give or receive but love.

Looking back now I can see how events in my life brought me to where I sit now, in front of my computer, feeling "in-spirited" to write for Y'all to see.

I've always been the one that smiles even through the drudgery, much to my co-workers annoyance. I love to laugh....my coworker Stella says that I will laugh at anything. And although I don't "worry" about what others say, I understand that these people in my life are what adds flavor to my world, and entertainment during my ride on the trolley that Dr. Dyer talks about.

I love being amazed at the "miracles" that are incurring in my life ever since I started immersing myself in all of Dr. Dyers writings, especially "Real Magic", "How to be a NO-Limit Person", and "The Power of Intention" (which kicked my butt back into listening to all his audio books that were collecting dust on my shelves lol )

Now what I'm learning how to do is organize all the abundance of options I have in life. I know when I start feeling crazy, that it's time to sit in silence again. Does anyone also listen to or have read any works by Carolyn Myss?? My inner voice or intuition shouts loud and clear now. It's like having an invisible friend. And it makes me chuckle sometime at how hard it hits me in the head shock when I go to make a wrong decision. I give my intuition a personality (which changes with the moment) I know it's my "if you knew who walked beside you" guardian angel so to speak, but when I give it a human character personality of someone I love to Role Model it gives my 'ego' and my humaness something to be entertained by.

I now find that I can meditate and hear the silence even in the noisiest of situations. I let go and watch my life unfold around me. I see just how clean or corroded my connection to Source is by how I live in this unfolding. (Which is why I'm here by the way, surrounding myself with like minded people to keep my connection sparked up, in use, and well oiled!)

So Anyway... I temporarily make money as a school custodian, but I focus my visualizations on the fact that I'm an Artist. I do pencil sketches, watercolors, and oil paintings. I express my art the best when I'm teaching others how to be artistic. I find that the teachings of Dr. Dyer flow into how I teach art, and that this is part of my purpose here in this Mardi Gras Costume of a human body that I possess. 8)

I also teach lifestyle changes with Aromatherapy and Herbal Supplementation. Again, I'm watching what I've learned through Dr. Dyer, splash over into my presentations. I think I'll NOTE here that Dr. Dyer is just one person that I can relate to. His messages can be and are expressed by others, but it's through Dr. Dyer that I "get it". It all makes sense, and he speaks it with a sense of humor.

Now I'm involved in an online internet business, which is mentioned in my signature...(if that's not allowed here, someone PLEASE let me know and I will never mention it again) I figure the online business came into my life because I need a silent finincial partner that works 24/7 while I'm going around the world publically speaking about health, nutrition, and art.

I currently run FREE Youth workshops in my community for the kids and adults on holidays when there is no school and the parents have no idea what to do with the kids. And lately I'm gathering information on starting a Discussion Group out of my public library for any Dr. Dyer fans in the area.

So like I said....I need to organize all the abundance in my life, because by the way, all these programs I'm involved with now, have been manifested in the past month. (even though technically, I've been on this path all my life with a corroded connection to Source) Phew.. wink you have to hold on TIGHT to that Trolley strap when you finally take out the WD-40 and remove the rust off the connection.

Have I babbled enough yet??? Alright, I look foward to meeting everyone, sharing my adventures, and exploring your community!


chris knight

24-02-2005 20:33:28

I find that the teachings of Dr. Dyer flow into how I teach art, and that this is part of my purpose here in this Mardi Gras Costume of a human body that I possess. 8)

Hmmm, you're an artist and you mentioned Mardi Gras... and the image that pops into my head is "Body Painting" 8) .

If you have not tried it yet, it's a blast ...especially with good friends.


21-03-2005 19:35:39

Well, if all you have to offer this group is love and if all you expect from this group is love, then guess what? Love is what it is all about! And you, have much to offer us in your posts. Your phrase 'in-spirited' caught my attention - same as 'inspired' - being in spirit. Learning to laugh at life is one of our greatest gifts to share with all. Life is truly hilarious. Where else can we be where we appear to walk around in what we call an illusion and yet believe in it; where we believe we in control of our life and yet can not predict what will happen in the next minute; or where we begin to count down our years (we think we are counting up) until we decide we are old and act as others tell us to act as an old person? If this is not funny, then look again. You are an artist - one who puts down on the outside what one sees on the inside. You are also one who believes in natural remedies. You are also involved in the youth programs, etc. And you want to 'organize' your abundance? Why? Just say thank You, God for this abundance and let it take care of itself. It is my pleasure in reading your post.

Namaste -Ron