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Dog trainer and enthusiast

Judy Huston

27-01-2005 18:16:40

Hello everyone,
I'm just getting this in under the wire.

Like Wayne Dyer, I was born in Detroit in 1940 -- except I was born on the first day of the New Year. I still live in Michigan, in Howell in a log home with property for the dogs to run.

My first book of Wayne's was a gift of the Erroneous Zones from my brother and sister-in-law. I'm sure I have 90% of everything he ever wrote. His latest work on Intention is so perfect I can hardly stand it. My husband and I both bought the whole Enchilda on public TV and we gave one entire set to our son who told me again today how grateful he is for this body of work.

I'm grateful for his work and for this site.

A question for someone. Some where I saw fantastic software revolving around a spiritual journey. Does anyone know of a game like this and where I could get it?

Thanks. Glad to be aboard and glad I "learned" how to post to this forum. Thanks!!!

Judy Huston
Howell, Michigan
Owner and trainer of
Kyra, White Shepherd
Zeus, Malamute
Callie, Sheltie
Abby, Golden mix


27-01-2005 19:55:39

Welcome Judy!

You have beautiful dogs...and a beautiful place to run them.

The software you mention sounds interesting. If you find it, please let me know what it is.

Happy Journeying!


shanti sorcerer

18-02-2005 16:55:41

Funny how there are no coincidences - a friend just told me of this the other day. I think you are talking about this


Yay! Only my second post here and I get to share something!!

BTW - one of our black Lab's name is Calley - similar to your Sheltie!

Thanks and Namaste!