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hello and namaste


26-01-2005 17:03:10

I think this is my third attempt to post so hopefully I will be successful this time. By way of introduction I am a single mom of a teen, actively started my spiritual journey when I was yet a teen and started it by reading My Erroneous Zones. I still enjoy reading all of his books as well as those of many other authors. My passion is animals so I live with a house full of them and spend each weekend volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary with everything from goats to tigers.
I feel I am constantly learning and the lesson life seems to be teaching right now is patience and trust. While I struggle with issues with my teenager I just keep saying my favorite mantra - "I trust the Universe, trusting means that I KNOW the circumstances I am in are working toward my Best and most appropriate end. There is no when to that, there is no if to that, IT IS.
Looking forward to chatting with each of you