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An overdue hello from John in North Wales


22-01-2005 18:38:01

Thought it was time to introduce myself to fellow members, I've taken my time though having joined in May 2004.
I live in North Wales in the UK and have been a great fan of Wayne Dyer since listening to his tape series "How to Manifest your Destiny" It really changed my life and put me on a path I had looked for a long time. I did the meditations daily and my life has changed so much for the better. When I first listened to the tapes I as working in a job that I appeared to be stuck with but hated with a passion, it paid lots of money, I even owned 25% of the company but it was like a millstone around my neck.
The meditations I believe gave my the strength and confidence to move on. Before I left the company we bought a guest house which we run as a vegetarian house and on leaving I and my wife Jo have run it full time. We have also bought a health food store. We earn a fraction of what we did but life is so much better.
I've since read lots of Wayne's books and bought various audios, he never ceases to inspire me. My life and my goals have changed so much for the better. I remember him saying though that he isn't anyone's guru, but I sometimes think he has been mine.
As well as Wayne's books he has guided me to other authors who have moved me further along the path Neale Donald Walsh and his series of books "Conversations with God" being the most influencial to me.
Waynes books have been benificial for my wife and children in that they have helped me become a better parent and spouse