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From the 70's

Jim Camomile

22-01-2005 09:08:02

It's my opinion that members aren't using the forum for a number of reasons.

How do we divide the ego from inspiration? To offer what has came to us through the studies of Wayne Dyer. Thank God for giving that to Wayne and thank God that we listen.

At one time in my life (about 30 years ago) I picked up a magazine that belonged to my wife. There was an article by "Dr. Wayne Dyer." I read it. It made an impact to the point that I gave up some habits that had been very troubling. From there it was on to "Your Erroneous Zones." Now have an autographed copy of the book.

Guess from that time, I helped Wayne become a millionaire by buying about everything he came out with. And it was worth it.

So, from my thirties to my sixties, I've been with Wayne Dyer. And no, I havenít mastered it yet but it doesnít matter. It's enjoying the trip and not the destination.